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Software For Beginners w/ Diet Issues



Firstly I don't want to take credit for this since I've seen more than one case on this site already where people are using this software which is how it was brought to my attention.

Basically if you are a beginner or an experienced beginner maybe even an intermediate it would be fair to say at some point, most of us have either been to lazy, confused or even just plain ignorant about our diet.

It could be that you think you eat enough but actually don't, and have been told so by more experienced members on this site.

You are too confused by all the macro-nutrient breakdown and so on.

You are too lazy to count each gram in the food you eat.

This isn't a plug, I don't care if you use it or not and it's open source anyway.


This software really is great, I can say with experience it's helped me identify lacking areas in my diet and fix them.

Also it's a great way to log what food you eat day in day out and build a diet plan off of that.

Once you have a large amount of your foods logged and saved you wont need to do it again and there will be no need to count grams of your food unless you add in more food or have a larger portion of the same which you could easily change by putting in say serving size 1.25

Hope you enjoy the software.


Or fitday.com because you can log on any computer with an internet connection