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Do you have a bachelor’s, coding Bootcamp grad, or self taught? If so do you know anyone who is a developer and went to Bootcamp? How long did it take them to get a job after graduating from bootcamp?

So I want to begin attending a coding Bootcamp here in Houston called Digital Crafts starting April 15th it’s 16 weeks 9-4 monday-friday. I’ll be 26 and haven’t completed a bachelor’s(Associates in Business). I have 15 classes left for a BS in MIS but can’t afford to go full time classes as I need to work. However I dont mind to go full time in this Bootcamp for 4+ months cause I’m motivated enough to get a job within a couple months within graduating so I see it as worth it although it’ll be $13,500 I’m gonna have to do $250/month plan lol. IM PLANNING TO GET BACHELORS IN 1-2 YEARS WHILE WORKING, I WANT THE BOOTCAMP TO GET ME IN THE FIELD FIRST AS IM IMPATIENT RIGHT NOW FOR A JOB I ENJOY I HATE THESE POINTLESS NON-SKILLED Jobs I’ve been doing.

I tried the self taught route for a couple months by buying a couple udemy Courses on web development. Man it’s hard when one can’t ask an instructor in person lol like taking screenshots and messaging over the net is inconvenient.

Web development is boring as hell to me. What other position could someone work if they have knowledge of latest technologies/programming languages that software engineering /Tech/Development industry is doing

Absolutely do this. It’s a still growing field that’s pretty saturated with self taught people. Do NOT go to an expensive school to do so, if it can be avoided. The school you attended doesn’t matter in virtually all of the IT space, especially programmers.

With a bachelors you will have a job prior to getting the diploma if you’re trying more than 25%.

This is assuming you live in/near a metro area with business presence. Remote work is also available, but typically not for people with no experience.

It’ll get much harder than either of those. The life of a dev is typically “I have X problem. Figure it out.” Very few companies will have senior level developers to teach you. (If you get in one of those, that’s typically big time, which is awesome)

Virtually any other IT space from infrastructure to DBA to cloud. Firewall guys (especially at hospitals I hear) make bank, but the stress can be nuts.

I’m going to get my bachelor’s for sure idk when. I live with parents and they won’t take care of expenses so I can’t do full time. This is why I wanna go to coding Bootcamp and get job in 4-6 months maybe less instead of 1-2 years with bachelor’s.

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Do you have a bachelor’s, coding Bootcamp grad, or self taught? If so do you know anyone who is a developer and went to Bootcamp? How long did it take them to get a job after graduating? [/quote]

The bootcamp should provide you info with how their graduates are doing.

Hell, all of the info you’re asking for here should be something the bootcamp should provide. You’re paying 13,500 dollars total. That is a shit-ton of money.

The bootcamp needs to be able to provide you with at least the following-
-accurate info on the job market in the area you’re at.
-Employment rate of graduates (Be aware these numbers will typically will include internship/part-time employment as well)
-The actual level of competency/how well you fit the general job requirement.

If they don’t provide these info and seem dodgy when you ask them questions, then I strongly recommend that you stay away. These kind of things are frequently nothing more than scams. They’re the equivalent of those for profit colleges that cost you hundreds of thousands and years of your life and leave you with a worthless degree.

Also- I dunno about software but I know that technical jobs in the hardware/semiconductor industry do require you to have a bachelor’s degree to even be considered. I have a bachelor’s in history, so it has absolutely nothing to do with my job. The job still required college graduates.

My brother is in software and he frequently mentions people who are self-taught. They all have at least a bachelor’s degree though.

I’m gonna be getting my bachelor’s in 1-2 years the Bootcamp will get me in before as that’s what I’m looking for in them.

I understand, but have you looked into whether those jobs that you want require a bachelor’s degree?

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A lot of people have Developer jobs without a degree or before they got it. They get hired from posting a link on resume that lists projects. Those get them a technical interview, than they pass it. A bachelor’s is going to be good tho cause some companies won’t even consider without it, or it will be hard to move up without one. So it’s good to have a bachelor’s anyways. I’m doing both.

I don’t have the answers to your questions, but a BS in MIS seems like it could have much overlap with coding

I would consider an internship and talking to career services at your school. You can probably find something in Houston that would pay you and train you a bit, rather than paying for even more schooling

Also you might be able to take technical electives in areas that lean towards coding, with some side learning you could ask teachers or lab instructors tons of extra questions during office hours or whatever

You are already paying for the school you’re at, soak up as much as you can for “free” (no additional cost)

Hi emcon 456, I’m a seasoned web developer worked on many frameworks and technologies i have done so many projects of front end web development and content management system like Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

That’s cool I’ve never worked professionally yet. I’m attending a full time coding Bootcamp here in Houston Aug 28th-Dec 20th full time. I’d like to do something besides web development it doesn’t appeal to me so far… Is game programming part of software development? I don’t mind being a Python Developer and / or freelancer as well.

Yes but only go into that field if you hate your life. You will basically work harder than any other developer role and but be paid less for your efforts. Particularly at the entry level. You’re also on the scrap heap faster than anything.

If you like Python, consider data science (you need some stats skills as well as programming)

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I’d consider data science however I’ve researched that they usually are more strict on the person having a bachelor’s vs software developers I have associates and 15 classes to finish MIS degree that I’ve barely worked on Is data science high demand?