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Software Company Job Openings


I/O Software is a software company that specializes in Biometric identification and analysis. The company is based in Arlington, VA. We have several positions opening in multiple disciplines.

Create enterprise-level applications that deal with fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition.

*BA/BS in Computer Sciences
*Minimum 2 years of C#/.Net development experience
*Minimum 2 years of C/C++ development experience
*Experience working under Microsoft Windows
*Experience working in Linux/Unix environments
*Minimum 1 year working with Livescan systems

*User Interface Design experience
*Experience working with Aware, Cogent, and NIST SDKs
*Experience in Facial Recognition software
*Experience in Graphic Design

Design, develop, and implement methods of testing and troubleshooting applications in support of software development.

*BA/BS in Computer Sciences, Computer Information Systems, or equivalent experience
*Minimum 2 years related experience
*Experience working under Microsoft Windows and Linux environments
*Detail oriented with strong analytical skills
*Strong written and verbal communication skills
*Ability to work independently within prescibed guidelines and as the member of a team

Design and develop Livescan imaging systems.

*MS Optical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering, or BS in Optical/Electrical engineering with equivalent experience
*Minimum 5 years experience in hardware and/or optical design
*Must be able to work in conjunction with software engineering staff
*Minimum 1 year experience working with Livescan hardware

If you are interested in any of the positions, please PM me for more information.

--Special consideration will be given to those who are willing to be known as "Daven's Minion".


I don't have any qualifications, but you can call me 'Smithers'. <-:slightly_smiling:

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