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Hey T-Men I was wondering if any of you played softball. The season starts in a couple of weeks so its time to break out the bats. Speaking of bats, if you do play, what type of bats do you swing? I use a Worth EST Gold (the golden rod).

I cant believe none of you play softball. Its the ultimate testosterone sport. You talk shit and hit balls 380 feet. it gets my blood going just thinking about it.

I play baseball.

I play softball. I can’t wait for the season to start. I’ve been training hard all winter to get some more pop. Oh yeah I hit a demarini, and love it.

Are you guys talking about fast-pitch softball?

I play slow pitch tournament ball in GA. I have a problem. I’m 5’6" at 200 lbs and as strong as an ox. For some reason i cant hit a long ball. I hit the ball extremely hard but it dosent go yard. I bat right handed but 90% of my hits go center field to right. I guess im doing something wrong like the wrist action. Can someone give me some tips???

I love slowpitch and you are right on about about talking smack, drinking beer, and hitting the piss out of the ball. I sue the blue EST but for my birthday my girlfriend bought me a powder shell so pitchers fear me now. Thickness your problem could be that you are not mantaining your bat speed through your swing. If you can find it purchase Ray DeMarini’s ultimate bat speed videoit will add greatly to your swing.

Thickness were do you play? I play in Columbus, GA. i found out that my biggest problem was pitch selection. im a big strong guy so i can fuck up and still hit it out as long as the pitch is good. the main thing is to get extended and try to hit the ball at around a 45 to 50 degree angle. Also as Ray Demarini says, swing like a wild man. Bat selection is also important. Dont try to use a bat thats too heavy. experiment and find one that fits you. Also try dropping your pinky off the handle of the bat as this will give you more bat speed. Ray Demarini has a website that has a lot of great tips that have been usefull to me.

Rhoman im talking about slow pitch softball. i used to play baseball but in my old age(21)i started playing softball. really it happened by accident. i was just messing around in intramurals and found out i could hit the ball a mile. the next thing i know im traveling to tournaments and im buying expensive bats.

Dominic, how do you like the powdershell? If nothing else it looks bad as shit.

thickness, check the way you grip the bat, the knuckles you use to knock on a door for both hands should line up almost perfectly, if you don’t do this you wont be able to break your wrist properly and pull the ball. also if your having problems lifting the ball in the air drop your shoulder slightly, not extremely or you will fly out all the time, and you will hit line drives with slight angles up. there are plenty of good videos out there for teaching slow pitch hitting, just check in a Worth or Demarini book.

I’m jealous to here that your getting ready to play ball. I live in North Pole and play in Fairbanks Alaska. Our season doesn’t start until Memorial Day weekend. I only swing an EST,end loaded. I started two years ago when a friend told me I can get more practice for baseball season by practicing with his softball team. By the beginning of the season I was on their team.
Im only 5’10,with my cleats on,but with my strength and great bat speed I can crush the ball. Most people can’t figure it out. Good to hear other T-mag readers enjoy playing.

I play slow-pitch, although its in a rec. league. none of that competitive stuff for me. More interested in going out on a nice day and having a good time with the boys while drinking lots of beer.
As far as hitting to right field goes… am i the only one who intentionally hits out there? The right fielder is almost always the worst fielder on the team. Plus, get it past him and its an easy stand up triple, if not a run.
Oh, and I don’t have my own bat, just use whatever someone else brings.

I love the powder shell. If you can afford it I highly recocmend it. The only Drawback is the small barrell. I am used to the 15" barrell on my EST.