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Softball Hitting Power

I’m wondering if there are any slowpitch softball players out there with tips on developing a more powerful swing.

I know increasing bat speed is the number one way to improve power. I’m looking for exercises, lifts, training for power development.

Will deadlifts and power cleans help?


Deadlifts and power cleans will help anything.

If you ask Mr Anonymous, he’d tell you to take some roids to give him the edge in the local church softball games :wink:


Sorry for not helping…but I just couldn’t resist.

Bat speed is very important as is hand eye coordination and hitting technique.

See the ball coming and explode, don’t drop your shoulders.

Any type of explosive lifting (i.e. power cleans) will definatly help.

Hit your forearms, core, and triceps really hard. Make sure you have a short compact swing a bombs away

Read Ted William’s “THe Science of Hitting”. It won’t give raining advice, but it will make sure your fundamentals are sound.