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Softball a Strength Sport


My passion is softball. Specifically playing softball and sharing the Gospel in prisons.

In the last 9 years I've played softball in 66 different prisons in the USA

I'm taking the 1st ever softball team to Angola Louisiana State Prison on Nov 3rd.

I'm big and am expected to hit the ball real far.

Power Lifting has helped me unbelievably. The battle is fighting to stay loose.

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I enjoy playing too. It really becomes quite addicting. I also feel that lifting really heavy weights has really benefitted my power. Do you do anything specific to help increase your bat speed, or just focus on lifting heavier weight?


Go to youtube and then click on videos then search for speedswing I've got a bunch of hitting vids.

You need to add some explosive movements in your lifting. Olympic lifts are great. Cleans are good as well.


I was referring more to the SPP phase, so to restate the question as you approach your season, do you back off a bit on the general strength exercises, and focus more on specific strength exercises? For example, perhaps underload/overload bat swinging, etc.


This year I lifted heavy until July. Which is way longer and my hr were down because my swing was not consistent.

Took July off from lifting and hr's came back+

I think if you spent a lot of time stretching you could lift heavy all year. If you can stay loose do it.

As for specific lifts for hitting, I just get as strong all over and use bp and other techniques such as hitting basketballs and swinging a bat with fins.

go to my videos in youtube and search for my video called distance training.


Good video. Good message. This is a good way to reach others by sharing the Word and giving people something in return (softball tips). It's very similar to the Pray Then Play stuff. Nice work. God Bless!