Soft Triceps Problem

As you may see in the picture below, im not shredded but also not fat either. My problem is when im relaxed ( and cold ) my triceps is really soft. A friend of mine saw me in a tshirt today, touched my arm and said ‘ i’d expect it to be hard. ‘ i train them really hard with both heavy weight medium reps and medium weight high reps. may it be a genetical issue? how can a muscle be hard as rock when flexed but soft as a jello when relaxed?

don’t all your other muscles feel soft when relaxed?


No not that much. Of course they are not rock hard but definitely not as soft. In 2016 i got really lean for my standards ( pictures below ) but nothing changed. This is really weird man.


Honestly think you’re worrying about nothing here pal. You’re looking good


“I’m not shredded” - he said, while being shredded.


Myogenic tone. Partly genetic, partly due to training (related to heavy lifting). Discussed in Point 2 here.


This seems to me like some sort of weird attempt at a humble-brag.


Two questions…

  1. when you flex are they hard?
  2. are you more jacked than the guy in questions
    If you answered yes to both questions…
    Than why should you care about his comment?

Tell your friend to keep his hands to himself. Problem solved.

Seriously, though–unless your friend makes a habit of touching jacked guys’ arms…
…there’s no reason to assume he knows what he’s talking about when he offers an opinion regarding how ‘soft’ your arm is.


You could store more fat on your tris than you do elsewhere. I certainly do.

This should not bother you though, IMO.

Some people just try and put people down to make themselves feel better, some do it in a very passive aggressive way. It’s jealousy, I wouldn’t worry about it.

One of my mates is like this also.


thanks everyone for the comments.
by the way i was definitely not humble-bragging ( it’s a cool word, i added it to my vocabulary ), i was just trying to understand the possible reasons behind it.
i read the article Chris Colucci shared. i believe its myogenic tone + a little bit more fat storage on triceps region like Steel Nation said.
i will keep training and never let anyone other than my wife touch me again :slight_smile:

the article made me understand one more thing. according to it, im a pumper whose physique changes completely when posing fully pumped and not that impressive when cold and dressed.

So you’re saying you’re a grow-er, not a show-er… lol


Also, to add on the muscle tone thing, I remember this article from Dan John

In it, he mentions that some muscles, with time, tend to get tighter and shorter (tonic muscles), whereas others do the opposite (phasic muscles). The Triceps, indeed, seems to fall under the second category.

Even at rest, touching my arms I can feel that my biceps are harder than my tris to the touch.

Finally, I noticed that the Triceps is a place where many people tend to store fat easily (as opposed to the bis, where the skin is usually thinner).