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Soft Tissue Work Advice


I just started today with a PVC pipe. Who here does it and how do you incorporate it? thanks


personally i do it every night before i go to bed, because i cant take my foam roller to the gym. me foam rolling every night has made a big difference in the success of my gains this so far this summer. i firmly beleive its been keeping me from being injured (i get injured eassssily) and its really helped me squat correctly.

search Cressey foam roller series on youtube for a good video


Every evenings. I use it on the IT band/hamstrings/quads/lower and upper back. Usually 50 "reps" per area.


yeah I read the cressey articles and watched the videos, very helpful
I'm also using a tennis ball, so this is pretty cheap. I'm going to do it every night along with some static stretching and mobility work and see how I feel by the end of the summer. And holy shit is this painful, just did some on my IT bands and it does feel good (after)


yeah i can't imagine the Pipe feels very good...however you will eventually adapt to it, when i roll out my hips/thighs on my roller these days it doesnt hurt near as much as it used to, so i try to make up for it by rolling longer.


Do you pad or wrap your PVC pipe at all? Or do you go hardcore with it just raw as it is?


I need to start doing this. Where can I get a foam roller?

Do I just roll it up and down every body part until all of the tight spots are out?


You can get one off Amazon. Or just buy one of those pool noodles(but they suck, but cost like $1)

I've been doing foam rolling consistently for about 3 months now(as well as mobility work), I don't really feel 'loose', but I'm pretty sure its helped keep injuries at bay since I've been training balls to the wall for these 3 months also.

My roller is all soft so I'm back to PVC right now. Shit is so uncomfortable.


i got mine from elitefts.com


Straight up 4 inch pvc pipe about 3 feet long. It hurts so good.


I'm using a 1.5in pvc and it hurts like hell (in a good way) and feels good afterwards. I think I'll do it as a morning habit. I tried doing it last night after midnight, but my clothes kept bunching up under the small pipe. So I stripped down to my boxers and rolled, but I think with my groaning and rolling on the ground...maybe nighttime isn't a good idea to do it in my bedroom.