'Soft Steps to a Hard Body' Book

Table of contents of the advanced book may give you some insight

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Probably the best outline and photography by Chris Lund. Awesome story in chapter I. Focus on specialized routines which are mostly a stacking of several exercises for a bodypart - an answer to the question whether one set of one exercise is enough to develop a bodypart to the fullest.

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3 minute thigh routine on a duo-squat machine comes to my mind immediately. Was a good shock the first time I tried it. Unfortunately, I have never managed to replicate the same pump / inroad in my muscles after trying it several times later. Again, my body adapts to everything VERY quickly.

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It was published in 1984 and we can see Boyer’s Coe condition after completion of his training filmed in Nautilus studio (plenty of them on youtube with Mentzer brothers supervising his training). I think we had discussed those videos before on this forum.

Just received this book today, i am not a young athlete anymore…more like an almost senior citizen athlete, lol :laughing: (maybe Darden can write us a book, lol)…but it adds to my book collection, will be reading it this weekend

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He did:
Living Longer Stronger: The 6-Week Plan to Enhance and Extend Your Years


I have it

reading my new addition to the Darden book collectio

This was the first book I gave my son Tyler to read.


I bought this used off Amazon Marketplace several years back.

Still a few more of Dr. Darden’s older ones I need to pick up.

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I love the first part, some of the history i find to be very interesting

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Reviewing my latest purchase and noticed something very interesting

On the cover is Jim Hellwig aka the Ultimate Warrior and on page 27 is Steve Borden aka the Man they call Sting

Jim and Steve were tag team wrestling partners called the dingo warriors when they first stated out

Jim became the famous Ultimate Warrior for the WWF and passed away a few years ago

Steve became Sting for WCW, then TNA, then the WWE and is now wrestling in AEW

just thought it was interesting that Darden had two championship wrestlers in the same book

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I noticed that too! I was so excited when I saw that. My dad got me that book as a birthday present last year. Warrior and Sting are two of my all time favorites.

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Some sexy bed sheets there tiger lol :laughing:

Lol :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

I do have a jungle pattern in the bedroom

Ah well thats ok, fair play…my Johnny Weissmuller days are past me😜

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My two latest purchases thru amazon

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The tag team was actually called The Blade Runners. Dingo was hellwig’s character after they split and he went to texas

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