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'Soft Steps to a Hard Body' Book

Dr. Darden,

Just received this book yesterday and read the first 25 pages…this is a great book, I love how you go into more detail and provide some great ideas with each subject…i.e cereal, salad, soup and fruit…where to eat…

Can’t wait to read the rest

Thanks, dan

Please tell me more about this book - I have never heard of it. When was it released? What type of Darden training does it contain?

It was released in 1993


each section has short chapters of Advice of how to do things

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I am on a mission to get as many books as I can with Ellington Darden as the author


That’s a very good mission to be on!! I look at a lot of book auctions that sell books by the shelf and I keep hoping to see one that has a shelf full of Darden books , ha ha!!

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I love the artwork!


This is what I like about ED. His writing can be considered a little dry, but he is direct and straightforward.

Whenever I hear about magic diets to lose weight (keto, starch diet, you name it), it is always presented as “different” than plain old calorie restriction. It is effortless, and easy, unlike the horror and hunger of eating less.

As if eating just fat and meat, with next to no carbs (or you name the diet) is easy, with no deprivation involved. Sure thing, I have a bridge to sell you. Hocus focus.

A long time ago I saw a quote from Lou Ferrigno when he was getting back in shape for the Master’s Mr O or some such thing. There was a long involved question about his diet. His answer really stuck with me - “It’s the same trip for everybody”.

No magic, if you "desire a body that is not fatter than makes you happy" there is gonna be a little deprivation.

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I actually think he is an entertaining writer along with being blunt and direct

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Received this book in the mail today…adding to my Darden collection…1978

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