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Soft Food Suggestions


I had my wisdom teeth taken out today, so I won't be able to eat solid foods for 2 weeks. I need a list of soft foods that I can eat, because I want to prevent as much weight loss as possible. (I already have a low body fat, so I will be losing muscle)

Can't eat spicy foods either.


2 weeks? i was eating solid food the day after. and i could eat anything i wanted three days after.

When can you start lifting again?


do you own a blender?

Did they stitch the holes up or did they just leave them open?

coconut milk and protein powder. yogurt and protein powder.

if you have a blender then all of your problems should be solved.


I blended some of my foods when I had my braces tightened.

Fish is soft enough. There are lots of soft foods you can eat... Oats, yams, avocados, and don't forget the cottage cheese.


Well, in dietetics, we have what's called a mechanical-soft or chopped diet. :slight_smile: Just chop your food, then eat it. You can also go with puree, which is even better. Put every god-damned thing you eat in a food processor and turn it into baby food. I once tried pureed liver for a test-tray audit in a nursing home. It was wonderful.

Dude, you already know what's soft: mashed and boiled potatoes, oatmeal, grits, apple sauce, bananas, boiled chicken, high-quality cold cuts, cheese, nut butters, yogurt, sauteed and steamed vegetables.


Metabolic Drive and leucine for one.

mashed potatoes

smoothies with yogurt


2 weeks? bullshit. I trained the same day I got my teeth pulled out. But I didnt stop spitting blood for 3 days. Then ,maybe because my immune system was attacked and weak, I got a gastro and vommitted for 1week. I lost 3 month of training in 1 week

watch out


Fish, especially tilapia, is quite soft. You can steam some veggies for easy-to-digest fiber, and if you're traveling and can't make food, KFC's mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese is very soft.


Don't be a little girl. I was eating pizza the night after I got them pulled out (that morning).

Just take the drugs they give you and eat, brutha.


Just no. Dont eat solid food, no use getting an infection or opening up your wounds. Getting bacteria that close to an open wound is a bad bad thing.

When i had mine taken out, all 4 at once, i didnt eat and soft food for a good two or three days, no big deal, after that you can probably tackle soft foods but just control how you chew

plus i sure didnt feel like eating whole food being drugged up and swollen mouth.

yogurt, blended fruits & veges, protein, fiber. if youre gonna eat yogurt make sure you keep your mouth really really clean.

also, blending a soup of any kind, works well with beef style soups, so you can drink them easy is wonderful.

really no use turning a minor surgery into a huge problem just so you can tell people u at pizza or walnuts right after it.




I ate a lot of scrambled eggs and drank raw egg whites when I had my wisdom teeth removed.


I would also suggest possibly looking into a gainer of some sort (that is, if you're looking for more calories) you can easily drink a shake. FYI don't use a straw for a while, you could possibly get dry socket.


take the food that you want to eat, any food that you like, now curl your fingers to make a fist, smash dem shit up, and eat.


just had a throat surgery, took out tonsils, uvula, soft palette. Percocet is your friend.
Anyway, couldn't drink the Metabolic Drive, something in it irritated. No citrus, no smoothies with fruit, no solid food for the first week at least.

Lived on popsicles, gatorade, water, iced coffee. eventually boiled some veggies then blenderized them and cooked them again with some soy sauce to make a broth/soup, so added all kinds of soups, but not tomato or anything with citric acid (no katsup on your potatoes.
Yogurt, cottage cheese mixed together goes down pretty good too. Plain isopure protein was ok.

X2 no infection from trying to tough it out. You will lose weight, period. it will come back.

I feel your pain, good luck buddy. It will be over soon.


I lived on chocolate pudding and Slim Fast shakes for about 10 days while I healed up.


raw eggs and grits