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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


Good luck! Have fun and enjoy the experience.

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Have a good time man!

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The best of luck to you Jacko, I will be watching the physique at the Arnold today and will be thinking about your journey and the end of this chapter. Your commitment, work ethic, determination and openness to share it all has been excellent and regardless of a Judges score you are already a winner for stepping onstage and testing yourself. Try and enjoy these last 2 days as part of your overall challenge. Can’t wait to hear about your experience and how you go on the day. You got this man.


Good luck my man! Excited for you. Be confident and don’t worry about what anyone else looks like.

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Well I made it through check in, and spray tanning! Second coat of tan goes on tomorrow morning at 6:30 am and I’ll get to the venue around 8:00 am. Pre judging starts at 9. Apparently the men will go first so that should be good. I’ll be happy to get up there and then get to sit back and watch the rest of the competitors.

At check in most everyone was covered up with hoodies and the like. Saw a few guys at the spray tan setup. Of course there was that one guy in his early twenty’s juiced to the hilt strutting around with his song hangin out. Total douche. A few guys were pretty ripped but there were also a few who didn’t look like they took their prep real seriously.

Overall a good day. Looking forward to tomorrow for sure. Thank you all for the good luck wishes!


Good luck! Rooting for you from Seattle!

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Rooting for you up here in Kansas. Can’t wait for the After Action Report!

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Rooting all the way from Denmark as well.

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Good luck man.looking forward to the results.

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Prejudging was this morning and went pretty well I think. I signed up for two classes. Masters 35-45 had 7 competitors. They were all giants! I literally came up to the shoulder on the guys on either side of me and they out weighed me by 50 lbs or so! I just stuck to my posing and held onto my ab tightness the whole time. I was near the end of the line and they moved me to 1 spot from center! Hopefully that means top 3… guess we’ll see. My coach says that they pretty much make the placement decisions in the morning and have a show and awards in the evening.

I also signed up for the open division and have no idea how I did here. I was the second one called back out on to center stage. Felt pretty good considering I was like 15-20 years older than some of these guys! There were a lot of competitors in the open class so I have no idea on placement.

I’m just gonna relax and wait until I go back at 6 tonight. This spray tan is so stupidly dark it’s insane. I think since I had a good base tan I ended up being way darker.

Here are a few shots from this morning

Uploading: 5C55ECAD-3B82-4796-93C8-9A65055CD134.jpeg…


Dude, you look awesome!!! Those dudes around you aren’t near lean enough to compete with you.


Well see! Up close and personal it can be daunting. Some of these guys just have so much mass!


That guy on your left looks great for a guy who’s at the lake drinking Corona’s… but not for someone who prepped for a show. Where are the obliques? Where’s the definition? He looks great for every day but not for the stage.

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Masters line up

Open class first call outs

Awesome man. Looking shredded

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That’s insane man, hard to judge, but as J says, you look more defined. But I understand how you’d feel on stage, because everybody is looking good.

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Looking tight man, overall shape and condition is spot on. Tan looks real good too. can’t wait to hear how you went.

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