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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


I don’t like to hurry I’m the mornings. Getcup at 5. On the recumbent bike by 515-530. Coffee in the recliner around 6. Breakfast around 6:30 or 7. Second coffee after that followed by training. Shower maybe around 9, and off to work around 10 most days. Nice slow and steady pace for me.

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For me to have a morning routine like that I would have to be up at 2-2:30. My routine during the week is get up, shower if I didn’t the night before, tiptoe out of the bedroom with clothes in hand trying not to wake the wife, get dressed, have my shake and head to work.

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You’d have to set my bed on fire for me to be up 5 hours before work. I’ve been patting myself on the back because I’m now in the habit of giving myself 30mins for breakfast most mornings before I leave.


3 days out.
Fatigue level 12
New low again 159.0

Yesterday was tough. For the past week fatigue and lethargy has been setting in around 3-4 pm. Yesterday was about noon. This morning I woke up feeling pretty worn out and the ride I’m doing right now is pretty damn tough even at a light resistance and slower rpm. (83-85 rather than 90). Think I’ll do maybe 20-25 minutes rather than my usual 35-40.

It’s shoulder day today so I’m happy it’s just one muscle group and less exercises. I’m really looking forward to lifting in a fed state again. Just makes the whole process more enjoyable. It’s hard to describe how I feel right now.

It’s kind of like your blood sugar is constantly crashing. Weak legs is the underlying feeling. The feeling of hunger isn’t overwhelming, more the constant feeling of being unsatisfied. I find myself just wanting to put something in my mouth. Been going to decaf coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup when I need something and can’t eat. It’s warm, tastes good and I can sip on it for quite a while.

Watched aqua man with the kids last night and that was fun. I enjoyed it albeit a bit cheesy. Good end to a tough day.

Today and tomorrow are busy so I’m thankful for that. Today I have to go take care of a buddies house while he’s out of town. Have one more tanning session today before getting sprayed Friday and Saturday. Have to go grocery shopping for the business. Then practice with my athletes this evening. Tomorrow I’m driving to Oklahoma City to pick up this beauty.

I lucked out. It’s the exact one I’ve been looking for for about a year. Retails for about 3k. A lady listed it for $1250 and I offered her $600. She came back at $700 and we struck a deal. It’s super nice, has a 240 lb stack and is pretty compact. It will match everything else in my gym too being red, black and grey!

That should eat up most of the day. 3.5hrs there, an hour or so loading up, 3.5 hrs back, and then unload. Then Friday just get my training in, check into the hotel, get sprayed, and then it’s go time. Hard to believe that my 16 week prep is pretty much over.

It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but so so worth it. Well I’ve got 15 minutes left on the bike. That’s it for now


Won’t your wife be pissed when you bring that blonde home Jacko?

You’re doing great man, not long now.


She’s the only blonde for me lol!


Is that both a leg extension and leg curl machine?

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Yep. Does both. My buddy has the same one and it’s perfect. Thought it would be out of my price range and then it just popped up

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Counting down the days man, I’m excited for you.

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Made it to OKC and loaded up the leg machine. Thing is brand new. She hadn’t even put the decals on it yet! Score


Didn’t work out today. Think I’ll do a light total body day tomorrow. Drove to okc and back for the leg machine. Finally got it assembled in its new home!


That is some piece man, looking good and fits right into it.
Congrats on the deal.
It’s almost game day, you’ve made it man.
Good luck tomorrow, I’ll sit here with a bowl of popcorn waiting for the result :slight_smile:

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Good luck for the show buddy. Enjoy!

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One day out!
Woke up 158.6. New low.

Well it’s over. I say this because the process really begins today. These legs have never been shaved and I’m taking a razor to them and my arms in a matter of hours. Then tonight gonna strip down and let some stranger spray me a silly dark shade of brown.

This weeks been an emotional roller coaster. I’m sure mostly impart to the fact that I’m depleted. I’m the past 7 days I’ve felt too skinny, to thick, bloated, not lean enough, not vascular enough, not symmetrical enough, lethargic, excited, condfident, anxious, you name it. I know many of you aren’t persons of faith, but since it’s my log I include it because it’s the foundation for who I am. Jesus is the source of my strength, my joy, and HE is due all the glory. I’ve had to rely on this faith, and give my worries to him. Gods in the drivers seat, and I’m ok with where he leads me. My hope is that Mathis dedication and my attitude approaching it inspires someone else to make a change in their life.

So here’s the breakdown for today…
7:00 am - meet one last time with my trainer to see how he wants to go with adding any additional carbs today and what my food and water schedule will be like today and tomorrow.
8:00 am breakfast. I normally don’t eat this late, but I want Jesse to see me empty. I’m starving already, but just coffee for now.
9:00 am - Gonna shave everything. Don’t think we have enough hot water to do this in the shower so I’ll provably run a bath and take my time so I don’t slice myself open. I also need to cut my hair and trim my beard short. Guessing this will take at least an hour and a half.
11:00 am - meal 2
12:00 pm - I have a massage scheduled. I chose the therapist with the lightest touch. Nothing is too tight at the moment, but I thought some light massage on the delts, lats, and pecs could help with blood flow and make for a better pump tomorrow. The relaxing for an hour will be awesome too.
1:15 pm - training - I’ll be doing a total upper body workout aimed at pump. Lots of volume and light weight. Gonna try to keep it under an hour.
2:30 pm - home and time for meal 3 and pack everything for the next two days.
4:00 pm - meal 3 and check in to the hotel. Need to call and see if the have a fridge in the room. If not I’ll just pack a cooler. Hopefully I can just chill in the room for a while.
7:15 pm - first coat of spray tan gets applied. This is gonna be weird. I’ll eat meal 4 right afterwards.
9:30 pm - evening shake and then bed.

6:15 am - second spray tan gets applied. Not sure on meal timing for Saturday yet as I’ve not met with Jesse today.
7:39-8:00 am - arrive at the venue and get back stage.
8:30 am - begin warming up and stretching
8:45 am - start pumping up. I bought a good set of resistance bands on amazon that work well. I’m hoping they have something I can do chin ups on though.
9:00 am - prejudging. From what I understand this is what really matters. The judges make their decisions here and the finals in the. Evening is more for the audience.
10:00 am eat something and head back to the hotel to relax for the afternoon.
6:00 pm - finals. I have no idea how many of my friends are coming, but I think quite a few. Should be fun. I think my wife is going to live stream it on Facebook.

The show is probably going to run pretty late so don’t think there will be dinner plans afterwards. But I’ll make sure to post pictures of breakfast the next morning.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement through this process. You all have been a blessing to me and I can’t say thank you enough!



Good luck dude!

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Good luck man, very exciting!

It seems like you have things very well planned, so the next couple days should be a breeze. Try to stay calm, and relax as much as you can. High stress can really detract from your physique! (I just watched the Ronnie Coleman documentary on Netflix and they spoke about this)

It’ll go great man, the finished product is going to be awesome!

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Definitely use the tub and let it soften the hairs for a little while before. Get a brand new blade and lots of shaving cream, that’s what softens the hair. You might also rub down with baby oil after wards or lotion to prevent any shaving bumps and redness.

Go back and look at flips method for dropping weight using a hot bath. There might be something you can use there to tighten up.

Good luck brother! You’ve done an awesome job and we are all rooting for you regardless of outcome.

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Good luck! By now you must be mid bath/shave and you’ve had your breakfast. Looks like you have a rigid schedule which could be a good thing to distract you from being hungry!

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It’s sort of a cheat, but an article I read on Elite FTS reminded me of it. Tell the hotel you have medication that requires refrigeration and if it’s not a no-tell motel they’ll provide you with one. They aren’t supposed to ask questions. Travelling cross-country for a lot of years with a diabetic kid, you learn some things.


Good luck man. I hope you have an awesome time at the show

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