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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


I’ve always said that I’ll know when I’ve made it in life when my house has a hot tub.

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In other news my scale stopped working today. Great timing! Got another on order from amazon, and it should be here Tuesday… Guessing game it is for the next two days.


Well the scale came back to life today. I still ordered a new one cause the old one has been flaky.

Woke at 160.0! Might need to be careful, feel like I might be loosing some mass. It could be placebo but I just feel really skinny this morning. Other than that everything’s feeling really tight. Leg cuts are getting deeper. Should make a big difference when I shave. I’m putting that off as long as possible. Never have taken a razor to these legs and not looking forward to it. Think I’ll do the whole body shave thing on Friday afternoon before the spray tan. That way I only have to do it once lol!

Just doing my chest and my neck is enough body maintenance for this guy!

I took the lastwo days off from lifting and I think that was a good thing. Between the deficit, and the long competition hours I’ve been dragging a bit. Gonna dog deep the last few days and get the sessions in. I’m finding that if I get them in earlier there’s a better chance of a decent session. By about 3-4 I’m pretty worthless.

Here’s an update as to how the core is coming along. Everything’s feeling tight. Quad skinfold was 3mm and belly was 3.75 mm. I wanted 3.5 but who knows.


Chest / triceps
Cable press
Cable fly
Incline press
Incline fly
Narrow press
Rope pull downs
Overhead rope pulls
Incline underhand pushups

30 minutes bike am and 30 minutes pm.

Today’s carbs
3/4 cup oats at meal 1
4 oz of brown rice split between meal 2 and 3

Boiled chicken


Green beans

5 days out


Abs looking tight mate. Just need to listen to the coach and get the job done now.

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@robstein @The_Mighty_Stu

I’ve obviously been doing a lot of research, thinking about training/cutting/bulking/competing as of late and it got me wondering about natural bodybuilding federations vs NPC/IFBB…
How are these organizations tested. I’m happy to compete in the NPC, but genuinely curious. For example I have at times taken enough test to be well above natural levels. I’ve taken deca in the past, and my igf1 on occasion is out of range, but most of the year all of my levels are kept well within normal range. Could an individual on TRT who keeps their test right around 800–1000 compete in a natural league? I guess they could see from bloodwork that their FSH and LH are shut down and that would be a give away.

Anyways, was wondering about this so thought I’d ask. Hope you guys are well!

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Looking good man! Those legs are freaky!

Most strictly natural federations have everyone take a polygraph test the day before or the day of the show, and if you win, a pee test immediately after the show. Natty feds usually have their own policy regarding TRT, providing it is doctor prescribed.

WNBF, for example, is super strictly natural. Any TRT, even if doctor prescribed, makes you ineligible to compete. I started taking a small dose of thyroid medication last year, which also makes me ineligible to compete.

ANBF has a different stance, you can compete if you’re on prescribed TRT and can provide a doctor’s note, and your levels are within normal range.

I would imagine this would make you ineligible to compete in any natural league. As a natural competitor myself, I would view it as unfair to step on stage with you, just going by the info in your last post.

If you want to look into it more, check out the website of the natural federations you’re interested in competing with, they usually have info on their website, or you can reach out to someone and ask.


Gotcha man! Thanks for the detailed response. I’m going to stick with the NPC and maybe one day get my pro card although I’m getting up there in years. Just was curious as to how the define natural. Appreciate it brother!

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Awesome man, can’t wait to see pics from your show!

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Looking like a freak!

Love the socks!! :joy:

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Lol yeah, there are a lot of different definitions for that term!


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Some great stuff I have missed on the log Jack. You look more freaky ripped by the day haha. Your bulking set up looks great, hitting them body parts separate and good volume.

That’s easy to say now hehe “awk go on just one more not hurt, sure I’m bulking” That’s my motto. Had to laugh at the video of treats. I’m sure that was hard work going by your reaction lol

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Hey Jackolee! Just re-reading through your log and came across this entry. Not after any secrets or information you paid for or anything, but very interested in your “turned diet upside down” note.

Looking through things, the big differences seem to be very high protein and “meal timing.” If you don’t mind my asking, how much do you credit those two factors in the “big difference” you saw after only three weeks?

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Hey there. The biggest changes were as follows:

Way higher protein than I had prior. At times up to 325

About 1/2 from solid food and 1/2 from whey so I had a quick digesting source and a fast one

Only carb sources were potatoes, rice, rice cakes, oatmeal

And yeah lots of meals each day.

He also limited my veggies quite a bit which I constantly cheated on.

I think the key is no sugar. I mean none. I haven’t cheated on this one. Also really low fat. That combo seems to make a big difference. It’s rough I’m not gonna lie but it has worked well.

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Thanks! That’s super helpful, especially about the protein.

“Worked well” is right. You’re doing great. That photo of you at 165 at the giant chess set couldn’t be more inspiring! Good luck at the show!

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New low again! 159.4

Man the weight is melting off this week. I’m sure it’s water as I’ve upped my water intake to 3 gallons, and taken almost all sodium out of my diet. My chicken is boiled, no sodium added greens, and whey pretty much. The quantity of brown rice is so small that it’s not significant in terms of salt. The only sodium I kept was my two pieces of turkey bacon.

I don’t know why but I’ve developed pretty emotional attachments to breakfast and my evening shake. Sort of makes me have empathy for people with food addiction problems. They genuinely make me feel happy. I think about breakfast before I go to bed, and start wanting my shake around meal 4.

I had made big cuts to the evening shake but it wasn’t worth it. I’m still on track and loosing so I changed it back to being taisty about 4 days ago and haven’t seen any difference in progress. I also left breakfast large.

My thinking was that it’s early in the day. I’m coming out of a fasted state and need energy to get through my workout. It’s a pretty solid chunk of my calories though. Breakfast is 581 out of 1881 calories for the day. Roughly a third.

Macros are sitting at 250p 130c 35f

Yesterday I got through the chest and tricep workout pretty well. First non exhausted workout in a while. Today is biceps and back. Hopefully the trend continues.

I did a posing session last night in my shorts and for the first time felt pretty comfortable with the poses. I need to practice without the mirror now. That’s a whole different ball game.

Not having a full work schedule this week sure has made this easier. I’ve been able to take a much slower pace in general.

Glad to see that everyone is still making progress. Those of you who have had some cheats and hiccups know that I’m living vicariously through you guys!

Make today great!


Great to see you are on target and it sounds like you have everything in control. You must be getting pretty excited now.

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More nervous than anything. I might of mentioned it in an earlier post but I think competition is probably easier for the arrogant type dude. I’m pretty introverted and they want to see confidence, swagger, and natural movements. Sort of looking for the guy that would win the job for the fitness magazine cover. If one guy is a standout in terms of physique that’s one thing but when everyone is in shape how you move and hold yourself makes s big difference. Hopefully I’ll do well


The one hearty part of my day! :joy::joy::joy: can’t believe I’m saying a 550 calorie meal is hearty


That looks like a pretty good snack.

And i genuinely like those plates more than a 32 year old man should.


That actually is a pretty hearty-looking breakfast, and it has fewer calories than my breakfast shake. My shake is more for speed and convenience than necessity, though, and it gets me through most of the day.

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