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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


Please take pictures of the meal :joy:

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Only 7 days, so excited. What ever happens at the show you should be very proud of yourself Jacko. You are already a winner in my books!

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When I was in the States, IHOP made Denny’s basically irrelevant for me but every single one I went to was absolutely filthy. Then again they were all in Florida so that might have something to do with it.

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Man yesterday was a whipping!

Woke at 5:00 am for fasted cardio. Had to get ready and make breakfast and be out the door by 6:45 so I only got 20 minutes in.

Trampoline competition from 7:30 am - 6:30 pm. About 40 minute drive home. My schedule had been crazy so I was a meal behind and was grumpy and starving. Got home microwaved up meal 4 and ate it on like 5 seconds… still hungry lol. Phone rings and it’s my wife who has gone out for margaritas with my mom. Her car won’t start. Drive to the restaurant and let them take my truck home while I wait for AAA. They show up about 8:30. They can’t get it jumped and turns out that in an Infiniti the starter is internal in th engine so nothing they can do other than tow it.

I’m pretty much the least mechanically inclined guy you’ll ever meet so I’m no help. I look up a local mechanic who is obviously closed and ask for them to tow it there. He says since it’s after hours and he doesn’t know the shop that I’ll need to follow him there as they might not have a night key drop. I have my wife bring the truck back and I drop her off at home and follow him to the shop. Luckily they have a night drop so I drop the key and leave them a voicemail for Monday morning.

At this point it’s almost 10:00pm. I get home to a pleasant surprise though. My wife has prepped my meals for today and run me a hot bath. (For some reason this helps me with winding down even when I’m hungry). After about 30 minutes of soaking I realize that’s its daylight savings time and that in reality I have to be up at 4 not 5!

Hop out, make my pre bed shake and get into bed around 11:30. We’ll i guess sleep is over rated. 4.5 hrs later and I’m back on the recumbent bike.

Today’s competition is over at about 3 so hopefully I’ll be able to get in a solid legs session this afternoon. I forgot to weigh this morning so I’ll do that when I get off the bike. The extra sweat should even out with the fact that I didn’t poop yesterday or today. Hopefully some coffee will remedy that.

Well if anyone’s read this novel I applaud you! Have a good one!


Shitty day. Cool wife.

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Just a little extra stress to see how bad you want this! And it’s obvious that you want it.

Why the heck do we do still daylight savings anyway?

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Yeah, but it’s all good. Just means that today’s gonna be better!


It baffles me man. Although when the kids were little I’d use it to my advantage to optimize their sleep schedules. Definitely didn’t workin my favor today.

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The spring change just sucks in all possible ways. Well, I guess if you work night shift then it works out in your favor. Our night shifts stole an hour from the City last night. When it’s the fall one they work an extra hour but they get OT for it.

This one just screws up everything for me though. Less sleep and now the kids will feel like their usual bed time is too early. We definitely use the fall one to our advantage though.

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We were never sticklers about bedtime. I’m kind of a firm believer in discipline through natural consequences. Sure you can stay up, but I’m not giving you sympathy when your tired tomorrow.

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We’re currently the ones who suffer when that happens. My daughter will be 6 this month and my son will be 3 in June. When they’re not happy they share it with everyone.


Case and point: just received a text from my wife “Lulu is a turd today :angry:

That would be our almost six year old.

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Heheh, my 16 year old is still a turd sometimes. On the plus side, my 29 year old and and 28 year old are mostly not, and my 24 year old is the most emotionally mature of the lot.

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Competition is really slow today and I have a lot of time to just sit around and relax. It’s kind of nice. I’ve been researching on what the best approach to mass building will be once I finish competition.

I think I’m going to go with a once per week approach with double legs as follows

Monday - chest
Tuesday - back
Thursday - shoulders
Friday - arms
Saturday - legs
Sunday rest

Not sure when I’m going to start it, but am planning on doing a blast of Higher dose test along with a couple of other compounds to encourage some growth along the way.

My plan is to hit each muscle With 7-10 different exercises… so 21-30 working sets per week. With the assistance of the additional AAS I should be fine with recovery. Not sure what legs will be like doing this twice a week but can for sure make adjustments if recovery becomes an issue.

So a chest day could look like
Bench press 3 sets
Dumbbell flys 3 sets
Fly machine 3 sets
Incline bench 3 sets
Incline dumbbell fly 3 sets
Incline cable fly 3 sets
Decline bench 3 sets
Decline fly 3 sets
Cable iron cross 3 sets

Any given day I could decrease exercises an increase sets. I’ll just try to stick to 21-30 sets and play with it. Add in dropsets and supersets as I feel like it.

One goal I have is to do s better job of tracking weights and reps and to actively aim at adding weight each week or two to my lifts.

I’m going to eat roughly 1000 calories over maintenance, so roughly 4000 calories daily and allow for 1-2 cheat meals per week.

Last year I ended my bulk at 183 and change. Hoping to maybe hit 195 this year with a cut down to 170-72. That would be a solid 10 lbs. it’s aggressive but doable I think. Who knows maybe I’m just dreaming!


Dude that would be awesome. 10 lbs of muscle would be crazy progress

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Sounds like a good solid bodybuilding template, but wayyyyy more time in the gym than I would be able to swing. I’ll just stick with my 3 days/week full body + conditioning…

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Yeah the way my schedule is I can pretty easily get in 90 minute sessions. I generally work in the mornings and evenings but can blast off for a couple of hours in the middle of the day


I get that text quite a lot. Although my better half is a little more graphic.

And I do this most nights. Nice to have that 20mins or so to just chill.


I don’t fit in the bathtub. It’s not very relaxing to have you lower back wedged against the back end and your feet stuck to the front. I’m only covered by water from my belly button to the mid thigh and then from my shin to my feet.


You’d fit in ours. I paid extra and got the super deep oversized one. I can get like all the way up to my ears!