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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


Awesome brother! I’m not going anywhere. I’ve really enjoyed shooting the breeze with an awesome group of gentlemen!


Already planning the next bulk man. Gonna get some more mass packed on this frame of mine.

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Thanks dude! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and can almost taste that first meal!


I’ve never struggled with the performance vs asthetic thing… for me it’s functional performance. I’m plenty strong to get everything done that I need to. I can lift heavy things fine, have fairly good flexibility , and for the most part don’t hurt all over. I guess there’s just not a lot of appeal to benching 375 vs 325.

Now I totally get the satisfaction that it brings to see very solid data that progresses in an upward fashion. That’s motivating as hell. Building your physique on the other hand can be a little maddening because of the natural fluctuations that your body goes through daily.

I also like how I feel when I’m lean much better. My gut health is awesome. When I’m lean I can power through a crazy cheat meal that would make me feel sick if I did it on a consistent basis.

I feel like I’ve made really good progress on lats and shoulders this year. I’m going to continue to focus on that and add an additional focus on quads and calves.


That’s probably all of us but it never seems to be enough. Glad you are at peace and are obviously reaping the benefits of the BB type of training. You e gained muscle and no doubt some strength, you look great (and whondosbt want that) and more importantly you feel good about it. Good work mate, very close to the end of the chapter now, keep smashing it.

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Abs are looking amazing buddy!

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This transformation is crazy man, an absolute inspiration in your attitude and your results.

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Thanks man! Appreciate it. One day at a time!


New low! 161.4
A little surprised that I’m still dropping. Gotta be out the door today by 6:45 for competition so it’s a short 20 minute cardio session today. Hopefully get a second one and a shoulder session in tonight after the meet, but that’s usually when my nervy is the lowest. We’ll see.

According to my chart 161.4 is 5.7%. I’m guessing a little higher simply because I know that being carb depleted will make me water depleted as well, so a full glycogen weight would be a little higher. We’ll see come stage day.

7 days out, I got this!

I’ve been searching FB Marketplace for a good commercial quality leg extension/hamstring curl machine and I think I found it. A really mice body solid machine in OK for $700. Waiting on a response about pick up time availability. I’m super excited about this.

Today competition is out the door by 6:45 am and back home around 7 pm. It’ll be a long day but always awesome to see my athletes shine.

The coaches hospitality room had the best food spread last night. Belies a video of I’d and my reaction. :joy::joy::joy:

Hope everyone has an awesome day!


There was a veggie tray for you!!!

My mouth watered a little at the start when you showed the brownies.

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That looks so good!! Your face tho hahaha

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That was some torture, right there…8 days, man, you’re practically there. Just remember that dinner out with the wife after you’re done!

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I don’t lnow if I could make it that long lol. It’s 7 days!

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going to be a hell of a ride!!!

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Didn’t catch the vid the first time, you like torturing yourself.
That looked great Jack

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Is the big cheat meal afterwards planned or is it a work in progress still? I’m pretty sure that video made my stomach skip a beat.

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The show won’t be over until 11 or 12 pm so probably nothing that night. Breakfast I want biscuits and sausage gravy, pork sausage, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes


Do you have an IHOP anywhere near you? You can fill that menu there.


We do. I’m gonna go to this local joint called Starwood cafe I think. They’re pretty awesome!


Yeah, IHOP is consistently decent, but local places can be way better if you have a good one. I don’t blame you.

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