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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


Man she puts up with my OCD every day of her life. It’s the least I can do. I wouldn’t want to be married to me lol!


Magnificent commitment Jacko, you’re doing great. I find it very educational, you have taught me lots. Thanks man.

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Flipped the camera on the phone around backwards today and was pleasantly surprised that back cuts are coming along nicely. I always have good ab cuts and feel lacking on my back. Been focused specifically on lag and delt development in the last 6 months.


That sounds like torture haha. At least you can have a huge date night cheat meal after

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This is definitely a factor you have to take into account. I sit on my butt for 8 hours per day and often feel drained at the end of the work day!

This is the type of commitment it takes to get to the level you’re at. This is why I will never reach that level of leanness, lol.

Do you mean per day? If you actually mean per week, I think this is extremely low intake.

I find this to be the truth. If you want your wife to support your long term hobby, than you better make sure it doesn’t negatively affect them very often!

Nice work Jack!

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Haha! Yeah I definitely meant per day. 2 gallons per week would be rough! Shit I had over 100 ounces down by 10am. Thanks man


I haz question.

so, you said this at 12 days out. I’m having trouble relating this to what I know about depleting intramuscular water. So, when I’m doing a water cut, I can cut A LOT of water weight in a very short period of time. 18+ lbs in 24 hours. So, to me, I’m not seeing why your water levels should really matter at 12 days out, when you can essentially clear all of it in the last day. I’m sure there’s a reason, but I just don’t understand it. Can you provide any insight? This also applies to what you said about taking more AI at the end. I don’t see why you couldn’t just do hot baths at the very end of all this to deplete the final few lbs of water. How would losing that water over the course of, say, 5-7 days via higher AI intake be better for your stage presence than depleting it in 5 hours in a hot bath? The water is coming from the same place.

Anyway, looking good man! You’re almost there!

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I had more or less the same question for my coach. From what I understand your body is always going to try to reach homeostasis. If your trying to get rid of water under the skin (not sure on the right term) your going to loose water volume in the muscle as well and end up looking flat on stage.

He said that the ai keeps you from holding too much water. He has me drinking a lot to keep the muscle belly full. Then simultaneously cut off water and carb load. I’m essence you have a shit ton of water you’ve been drinking. Your carb depleted as well. You stop drinking so much water but your body still is flushing water. Then you carb lid and the added glycogen requires water. The plan is that this pulls water out in two directions… to the muscle where you want to be full, and your still peeing as your brain hasn’t left flushing mode yet. The ai I believe simply keeps you from retaining water. I’m not so sure on that piece of the puzzle but do trust his judgement. Hope that helps bud

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so yea, the fullness vs ‘wet’ thing is where i get a little lost. which i guess sort of translates to water under the skin vs water in the muscle.

so, the first part of the process you described is really similar to what I do. I start my water load 10-14 days out of weigh in. I lower carbs, and start eating specific foods to make sure that when water eventually gets cut off, there’s nothing left to hold the last water in when i start my hot baths. So, 2-3 days out of cutting off water, I’ve cut out pretty much all carbs and sodium. Boiling chicken, drinking distilled water instead of tap, all that kind of stuff. Then I cut off water completely 18ish hours outside of weigh in, take a diuretic, and continue to lose all my water. lol. So, when I do this, I definitely get significantly more vascular, there’s a noticeable difference in appearance. And since I am pretty lean, I would assume things go similarly to what your experience here will be.

The difference to me would be the re-load, because at that point, I’m trying to get back to normal, and even bloated, whereas you’re trying for something else. And based on what you’ve said, I’m assuming that the things you do in your process are what affect how you ‘rebound’ from that water depletion.

So after you’ve depleted water, and then you carb load after, how much water do you start drinking at that point? Is it a lot or are you shooting for ‘just enough?’


Just enough. From everything I’ve read it’s just as needed for thirst. But this is my first go round so it’ll be interesting. Coach is going to have specific nutrition for me each day Tuesday - Saturday. I’m really curious about how my body will react to this science expirement im putting it through lol


Woke up at 162.8

Well the quick drops stopped after 3 days of depleting carb intake further. Now let the grind begin! Yesterday was a good day. Felt like I kept my energy up better. I ate meals 2-4 a little closer together and that helped with coaching on the afternoon.

8 days out! I’m going to meet with my coach at 9am tomorrow and decide if we should stay on my current nutrition or change it up again. I’m hoping we stay the same till like maybe Tuesday.

Chest and triceps
Cable press
Incline cable press
Cable fly
Incline cable fly
Rope push downs
Overhead rope push downs
Narrow dumbbell press
Push ups
Incline underhand pushups

35 minutes recumbent bike
Level 2 resistance for 25 level 3 for 10. I just now bumped it up to 3 and holy hell its harder lol

On a good note my leg cuts finally showed up today!


Nice tear-drop. Hope the days fly by fast!

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60 oz of water done by 7:24am! Gonna be peeing a lot today lol

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Woke 161.8! New low
Guessing about 6% BF

It’s really weird to see a very low 160s on the scale. Even stranger than that is seeing a high 160s fully clothed in the evenings. In the winter the clothed evening number was approaching 190. To put it in perspective… when I started getting in good shape about 2 years ago I was around 160, at ± 20% bodyfat. It’s been a straight swap… far for muscle. I found this gem of me playing goant chess in the Bahamas about a week before I started lifting.
I was like 165 here!

So here I sit riding the bike, sweating hey ass off and I’m very happy. I don’t believe in the status quo. You’re never standing still. If your not making progress, your moving backwards. It’s been steady progress over the last two years and I thank God for the strength to get it done and for a family that is supportive.

I’m going to meet with my coach this morning, take measurements, work on posing, and make another necessary tweaks to my diet. I’m still loosing so I’m hoping he’ll leave it alone till Tuesday when the peak really begins. Wish me luck.

Back and biceps
Bent over rows
Single arm dumbbell lay pulls
Wide arm lat pulls
Underhand Medium width lat pulls
Cable rows
Incline dumbbell curls
Isolation curls
Cross body hammer curled bar wide grip curls
Machine curls
Chins to failure 6 sets

No conditioning since I’ll be at competition with my athletes tonight.


Superb Jacko, good luck man.

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Here’s a better comparison. A fully fed me at 182.8 and a carb depleted me at 161.8. Crazy I think the 161.8 looks substantially bigger lol


You know what’s strange? I can look at those pics and agree that you look bigger at 161, but I can’t see that in myself. Maybe it’s the beard?

I see that my face is thinner and my shoulders are smaller (maybe I’ll grow these damn delts someday). Those two things combined kill my perception of my look.

I’m still getting plenty of “You look like you’ve lost weight” and “You look thinner” comments.

I would like to say that I’m committing the next year or two to this new bodybuilding split but I have program ADD and struggle with conflicting goals (performance vs aesthetics). Hopefully I can stay the course. I managed to commit 10 months of 2018 to getting fatter. I think that’s the longest I’ve pursued any one goal (but that let me change training as long as I kept eating).

I hope you stick around, Jack! I’m going to need your motivation. The other logs I regularly visit are pretty much all strength oriented so it’s easy for me to change my focus.


@jackolee Keep killing it man almost there, enjoying following your journey

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@jackolee yeah stick around man, you are very inspiring.

In about a month and a half I’ll join you J. I’ll pursue BB upper and maybe quads as well, and chase my 200 kg DL.
I’ve already started doing the 6 way raise some evenings and the 3 headed monster :slight_smile:


Imagine how huge you’ll look that lean at 180.

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