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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


Strength pursuits will ultimately come to an end with age but physique goals can always be achieved.

I’m not saying you can’t be strong when you’re old but pursuing a 600 lb deadlift just isn’t very smart at some point.


To be fair I should add that he’s taki gctest, maestron, and winstrol. Dude is working his aaa off too though. Still I’m gonna try to get that dry without all that gear


Looking unreal mate.

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Bite your tongue, sir! Okay, fair point, but I’m still going to hit 500# while I still can…

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I’m only 34 and my body is already fighting back!

My plan is to try to be strong as long as I can but I know my strength is going to taper off over time - either naturally or through an injury.

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Oh how I wish I could say that. !!!

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It’s just a number, right? I’m the one with the dodgy hip and shoulder so being young isn’t working out.


How old are you Simo?


It may just be a number but it would still be nice if mine was lower !! :joy:


Name is a giveaway mate. Born in 74 so will be 45 this year.

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That beats born in 45 and 74 this year!


Now there is a strange number symmetry!!

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How I’d love to be able to say that simo :smile:

Jacko, if I looked like that I’d walk around in lycra all day long and fuck the cold, although I’d have to wear a dancers belt for proportion


Woke at 164.0!

Nutrition was on point yesterday. I was expecting a drop, but damn I’ll sure take a pound and a half! I cut two ounces of rice out of the diet, and did 1/2 the amount of pb2 and whipped topping in my evening shake.

Coach is going to email me his diet changes for the rest of the week here later today. I bet it’s going to be pretty similar to what I’ve already done. Then he said I’ll have a different plan for each day next week to put the finishing touches on. He said to tan everyday to help dry out and get as much color as possible to go under the spray tan and make it pop.

One thing he said to do I’m not too sure about. I take anastrozole 0.5mg e3.5 days for estrogen control while on test. When I get bloods done this typically has me right in the 25 range which is ideal for guys and I feel pretty dang good at. He said that even though it’s gonna make me feel like crap to take 1mg daily for the last 7-10 days before come to shed as much water as possible. I know from experience that crashing your estrogen feels terrible and isn’t good for your joints. I know it’s not good to do this for the long term but am wondering if it will do any harm in doing it for one week. Gonna have to do some more research on that before I can make my decision.

Yesterday’s full upper body pump workout was insane. I felt like a dang water ballon when we finished. 26 minutes of high intensity high rep work for lats, bis, tris, chest, and delts. Man I wish I could look just like that all the time. I felt 10-15 lbs heavier lol.

It lit a fire under my bit working with the other competitor yesterday as well. He’s eating far less carbs than me, is doing more cardio, and is almost 20 years older than me. That’s some awesome drive right there. I’m doubling down and giving these last 12 days Hell!

Back and biceps
Seated incline dumbbell curls
Standing isolation curls
Alternating dumbbell curls
Cross body hammer curls
Cable curls on rope standing
Chins to failure x 6
Wide grip lat pulls
Medium grip underhand lat pulls
Straight arm lat pulls
Bent over rows
High/medium/low cable rows
Single arm dumbbell bent over pulls

30 minutes recumbent bike

Total body circuit training 20 minutes in the evening


Meal 1
5/8 cup whites
1 egg
2 pieces turkey bacon
3/4 cup oats
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
4 strawberries

Meal 2
2 oz brown rice
5 oz chicken breast
3 oz green beans

Meal 3
Same as 2

Meal 4
2 oz brown rice
5 oz shrimp
3 oz green beans

Meal 5
5 oz chicken breast
5 oz zucchini and cucumber

Meal 6
Evening shake
Whey, pb2,unsweetened almond milk.

Although giving myself some carbs this weekend caused some backwards progress I’m glad I did it. Think I was peaking a little early. I’m confident that I can push through now and finish strong. 12 days out!


I’ve never hit my arms before moving on to the bigger, compound movements. Does it make your lats and traps work more when your arms are already toast?

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Man that was just a typo on my part. I always hit the bigger muscles groups / compound movements first. Just never switched it around after typing it. I bet hitting arms first would make the other lifts tough. Maybe I’ll try it someday…

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It works with any numbers. I’m born in 65 so 54 this year, flip it and it’s born in 54, 65 this year. Just one of those neat things that math does every once in a while to make the world seem to make sense…


Woke up at 162.8!

Well the final push is working and working fast. Down another 1.2 today. I know when I rebound up like I did that it’s water weight not fat and that’s pretty easy to shed if I’m disciplined. Here are the changes that I’m trying to implement to shed the last bit of fat. Some are logical imo, and others are a little unconventional

  1. I’ve cut carbs down to approx 125 grams. For me this is really low. I know some of you function on 50 or so, but when fat is low too that isn’t manageable for me. Also I’m working a physical job for 12 hrs a day a lot of days.
  2. In order to keep my metabolism burning longer I’m implementing a little less sleep. I know this isn’t good in the long term, and can be counterproductive to recovery, but seems to be the longer my days are the more I loose. Trying to be up at 5:00 for cardio and then to bed by 11:00pm.
  3. Cardio is upped to 35 minutes 7 days a week. This is a fairly low intensity steady state cardio. Level 2-3 resistance at 85 rpms on a recumbent bike.
  4. Being more dedicated to increased water intake. The more I drink the more I seem to flush. Trying to get at least 2 gallons per week. Next week will be 3-4 (not looking forward to that)
  5. Timing of my meals has changed too. In order to stay functional (not a degrading asshole of a coach) I’ve moved meals 3&4 closer together in the day in order to have a little more energy for my athletes. This is getting harder but I’m almost done. Today is a fairly light coaching day. Tomorrow I’m taking the morning off and only working in the afternoon. This weekend I have competition for my trampoline team and the days will be long, and next week is spring break so my teaching/work load will be minimal. I’m also taking next Thursday and Friday off. Staying in a hotel by the venue on both Friday and Saturday nights.
  6. I’ve decided to go ahead and take the increased dose of my estrogen blocker (anastrozole aromatize inhibitor). It will be 1mg daily for the next 10 days. I know this gonna crash my e2 levels, but through doing research and talking to other competitor friends it works well and it pretty common practice. Should make me not feel to hot for a week or so, but I already feel like crap so no harm done right?
  7. Finally and my least favorite thing is that I’ve admitted to myself that my evening shake is a bit of an unreasonable luxury with powdered peanut butter and whipped topping and will be making a standard shake with whey and unsweetened almond milk instead of my yummy dessert shake. Boo!!!

Sorry for the marathon log posts as of late but it is good to get it out, and makes my cardio go faster if my mind is focused on something other than breakfast that awaits me.

The strongman session on Saturday caused my bicep tendinitis to flare up pretty bad unfortunately. I’m sure it was messing around on the rings. I did some gymnastics stuff that I shouldn’t of. (Cross pull outs). I have some cbd topical ointment that I’m going to use to help with inflammation.

Today’s workout
Lateral raises 3 sets
Shoulder press 3 sets
Neutral grip shoulder press 3 sets
Arnold press 3 sets
Front delt raises 3 sets
Rear delt cables 3 sets
Band pulls parts 3 sets
Lateral raises 3 sets, last set to failure with two dropsets.

Meal 1
5/8 cup whites, 1 whole egg, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese, 4 strawberries, 1/2 cup oats, coffee

Meal 2
5 oz chicken, 2 oz rice, 2 oz green beans

Meal 3
5 oz chicken, 2 oz rice, 2 oz green beans

Meal 4
5 oz shrimp, 2 oz rice, 2 oz green beans

Meal 5
5 oz chicken, 3 oz zucchini, 2 oz cucumber

Meal 6
Whey, almond milk, stevia

Morning - one scoop whey
Preeorkout - one scoop whey
Post workout - one scoop whey

Conditioning- none - it’s date night where we go out for Mexican and I watch my wife eat good food and have margaritas. I’ll pay to much for fajitas and only eat the chicken lol. Hey… can’t ruin her fun on account of my self imposed misery.

Have a great day everyone


That is some serious devotion to the cause, and your wife, right there…

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That’s hardcore right there. I was 160lbs once when I used to run an hour a day. That one year.

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