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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


Is that top right dish shrimp? Looks delicious!

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Yeah, spicy garlic shrimp! Pretty tasty. Tom Thumb has four dollars off the bags of extra jumbo so I picked a few up. Nic to not be only chicken. The beef is probably a splurge though. Won’t do that everyday.


Them meals look great!

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Watching the men’s physique at the Arnoldsxthis weekend didn’t help the confidence though. Holy Cow those guys are monsters. I know the IFBB and NPC are different animals, but it’s amazing how much mass some of those guys are carrying. They probably have 25-30 lbs on me!


probably been at it a lot longer than you. Do I remember you saying you only started training a few years ago ? correct me if I’m wrong


Year round PED use will do that!


@Rizla81 @JMaier31. Yeah I get it. They’re on all sorts of stuff. Yeah I really only got serious about it 18 months ago, so there that. And I’m almost 40 so there’s that. And my total test numbers only have 3 digits so there’s that. Hahaha!


That’s awesome progress in 18 months!


The sport is so tricky because it’s subjective and each judge could be different. I think you only have to worry about size if the guy is equally shredded and poses the same.

Some guys will be bigger but have less definition. I think it’s all about bringing a complete package to the stage. If your conditioning is off or the posing routine sucks then the size won’t even matter.

We know your conditioning is on point. Bust your tail with the posing and you’ll catch their attention.


I’d love to see the look on your Dr’s face when he sees how shredded you are. :joy:

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It’s cold as hell here, so fraud I’m pretty covered up. It’s crazy now that I’m this lean how freaking cold I get all the time. That’s one that I wasn’t expecting!


So this isnt a get naked physical? LOL


In Phoenix? Sure it is. Its because you have no thermal mass!! You shredded fuck! LOL

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I’m in dallas bud!


My bad. I thought that was only for the weekend

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it’s crazy man, I watched the night show too. Those guys are legitimately close to the size of Arnold in his prime. It’s wild.

It was great training with you man! Lean as fuuuuuck. Can’t wait to see how things look on stage for you.

I didn’t hate the bodybuilder stuff, tbh. I actually performed a little better than I expected. Generally speaking, when I train with a bodybuilder, I can crush the first set of whatever we’re doing, but when 3rd and 4th sets come up, I don’t have the reserves to keep pushing through all those reps. I just absolutely fail, as you saw. I need to do more of that type of training.


I too am emotionally attached to oats. I think I’ve had oats (or some carby similar thing) every day for the last 3 years. I get it honest though. My grandpa has eaten oats every single morning for more than 40 years.

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Here’s some shots from the posing session today. I’m holding a little more water than I like, but getting there slowly. Gonna have to be perfect on nutrition for the next 12 days. Loose a little more fat and dry out a bit.


Cropped out the heads bacause… hey it’s not cool to stick a photo of someone onto the internet without asking them.

This guys doing classic at the same show with me and he’s freaking 57! His conditioning is unreal!


Looking great mate in them shots. That other guy at 57 that’s crazy

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