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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


sounds tasty

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You know you’re in the deep end when coffee with almond milk is considered a treat.

Just to torture you a bit more, last week I saw a girl at Quik Trip take a bag of Fritos Scoops and fill it with nacho cheese from the cheese dispenser.



Sorry jack wrong log


Oh you dawg, lol


@Rizla81 @littlesleeper
Oh yeah… we’ll check out this amazing meal. Raw zucchini and shredded chicken. Bam!


Couldn’t resist, haha. That’s all I could think about when cooking the pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

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Going to a gymnastic event tomorrow my 18 year old has been doing it for 8 - 10 years or so. He loves it quite well. Not a tournament. Different locals show off their routines.
Love seeing him/them perform.
I can’t do any gymnastic stuff myself. Unfortunately.
Just thought I’d share it here in the gymnastic log.
One day closer to the stage Jack, hope you’re hanging in.

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You’re an evil, evil man, Riz.


Woke 163.6

Gave myself a little more carbs yesterday so I was expecting the gain. Dont mind if as I feel that I’m basically lean enough.

Had a strange hybrid strongman/bodybuilder workout today with @flipcollar. I went to his gym Metroflex. It’s a cool place blaring old punk rock with lots of strongman stuff and just has a hardcore vibe. We started off with some lateral raises to warm up. He introduced me to a log press, and I played it safe with some sets at 90 and 100 lbs. Flip proceeded to press 175, 195, 245, and then almost made it on 295. Dudes a monster.

We then did some one arm press with a circus dumbbell. That was fun, and the motion was familiar as it’s basically the same lines as doingxa one hand handstand. I know… it’s weird that that’s what I relate it to, but it’s surprising similar just not upside down.

Then did some dumbbell press dropsets. I don’t think Flip likes these too much lol. Added in some front delt raises as well.

We finished off with an introduction to atlas stones. Again I was humbled by how strong the dude is. It was fun to step into someone else’s world and eye opening that strength is very relative to what your doing. Thanks for the invite Flip!


Man, I would have loved the chance to train with @flipcollar. He’s moving the kind of weight I want to be moving at 180#. Of course, at 54 I’ll never be that strong, but training with someone like that is the way to get as strong as you’re capable of being.


2 weeks out from a show and half starving is not generally the best time for some strongman training, I hear.


Yeah I realized that when I tried the second atlas stone. Wouldn’t budge and was pretty stinking dizzy when I stood up. Still fun though


I tried atlas stones once, and I was well fed, and 21 years old, and I was dizzy, so actually in this case I think that’s just strongman things. But you’re not the first person I’ve heard describe things like struggling to lift your arms during a late-stage prep, so I’m amazed you did any of that. Good on you.

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Woke 165.6
I meal prepped for the family yesterday and wasn’t the most disciplined cook. Smacked a little too much. All foods that are allowed but probably too many carbs.

All in all I’m still ok. Getting my cardio in now. I train with my coach at 11:30 and then posing practice afterwards. Should be fun. Today’s super busy so I’m glad that I cooked everything yesterday. That always makes sticking to the plan that much easier.

After training I head out to my TRT doc for my bi-annual check in / bloodwork. There shouldn’t be any surprises there. I’ll be curious to see what my bloodwork looks like after eating how I have for the past threee months. Wonder what it’s done to my cholesterol, lipids, liver enzymes, etc. guess we’ll see.

From there it’s another busy day at work. Got to get some email marketing designed and sued for send, and then trampoline team practice tonight.

Training today is gonna be for posing so we’ll hit chest, delts, lats, and a little arms. It’s a mix I never do, and will be good to practice with a pump. Feeling pretty good this morning with a little more fuel in the tank.


My sad little carb portions today! :joy::joy::joy:


Would be interesting to find out were everything is sitting. Sounds like you got one hell of a busy day ahead. Them meals below … is that for your hamster ? lol
Get us some posing videos with the shredz going

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Looks a little better with the meat and veggies


It looks a lot better with the meat and veggies but I ate more rice than that for dinner alone last night.

You’re getting close! Use posing practice as more motivation. Doing it with a pump should show you what you’re bringing to the stage. As a bonus, you still have a little time to lose more weight to make it look even better!

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That’s the plan. I opted to keep my 3/4 cup of oats in the morning because I’m emotionally attached to them. Then it’s 6 oz of brown rice across three meals.

I just realized that next week is spring break here and I wont have my normal workload at work. Still stuff to do but MUCH LESS! That will be fantastic leading into competition. Almost there