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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


I’m sure I could just tough it out but if making an adjustment here and there improves training/life balance then I’m all for it!


Love pressing. Need to focus on pulling and legs. Those are definately the weaknesses. Your hip doing any better today man? Nagging pain is the worst. I remember feeling like I went through Ivey hot like every week when my back was out. Hope you can get some answers/relief.

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Not really. My knee hurt much less today and it will be less noticeable the next four days. If I force it and play basketball again on Monday then I’m sure the knee pain will return.

My problem is that I’ve been modifying and avoiding things for a long time and I’m tired of it. This knee pain / IT band syndrome crept up while I rested my hip! That’s the worst part. Since it occurred during rest and recovery I feel like it can’t get worse if I push it!

It obviously hurts more but I don’t think the injury is any worse.

Thanks for asking!

I hope your daughter feels better with each passing day.


Been dragging all day again. Man I have no energy.got alswamped at work and was considering skipping my workout and then, my workout partner (who’s been really flaky) called… “you ready to lift man”. Hell yeah I am! Just the motivation I needed. Gotta latch onto it when times are tough.


Stay strong man. You are entering the coveted realm of near starvation and lean-ness we all dream of.

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You got this man, so freaking close! I can’t wait to see the finished package (although I can’t imagine it getting any better than where you currently are…). It will all be worth it and you can sit back and know you did everything you could.

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@trimtabber79 @littlesleeper. Thanks for the encouragement guys. If you’ve kept up with my log at all you know I’m a huge proponent of mental toughness and taking a proactive approach to a positive mental attitude. It’s baffling to me how my brain is playing tricks on me right now.

I’ve never experienced this type of fatigue. It’s like there is a great deal of effort to stand up from the floor or to hold my arm over my head. I think it’s in part to not having a day off of work in the last three weeks. Tomorrow I have a 1/2 day and then I’m off Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully that will refresh the tank.

Gotta get some energy for Saturday… I’m headed to Frisco to train with @flipcollar! Should be a solid shoulder session.

Again thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it.


That’s too much muscly beard for one room.


The wee mini break might work wonders. It sounds like a lot of mental strength and determination to keep going when that low bodyfat. Not long to go, hang in there. Probably best for you and flip to not kill each other on Saturday lol

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You’re doing great jacko man, in awe here.

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Hang in there Jack, you’re close. You can see the light and the stage.


Gonna take @Rizla81’s advice and take a little break. Not much of one but I’m going to skip fasted cardio this morning. Maybe this will give me a slight caloric catch up.

Shifting the carbs around yesterday didn’t help anything so I’ll try one more time. This time I’m gonna front load the carbs in meals 1,2, and 3. This is either gonna make me feel better for more of the day or make me crash early. Either way I only work for two hours today and workout is early enough being at noon.

Gonna relax this morning with a coffee in my recliner until my dentist appt at 9:15. Sitting 15 days out. Woke up at 162.8

Headed to a commercial gym to lift with a buddy today so that should be fun.


That’s how I start my days when I’m off work. It’s quite nice.

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Sweats, :heavy_check_mark: Hoodie, :heavy_check_mark: Coffee,:heavy_check_mark: Recliner, :heavy_check_mark:


looks a great setup for chilling out. Is that a guitar amp I see?

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Yeah it’s a little Line six. Pretty cool setup, has distortion, reverb, phaser, and digital delay built in with a little food switch to switch between effects. Here’s my baby

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Awesome, I never knew you played, any good ? I have a line 6 linked into my computer. I’ve been playing a good few years. Here’s mine


Definitely love metal if you play an Ibanez! I’m decent. Played in a rock band through college as a rythm guy. Never been very good at soloing. Now I just play for fun.


I love most styles even the blues, but metal is great. I’d love to be in a band. The soloing is more my thing. Scales and melodic playing is my best features. My guitar actually needs rewired it’s been cutting out mid play… quite annoying.


Pull Day
Single arm dumbbell rows 3 x 15
Wide grip lat pull down 3 x 15
Bent over row 3 x 15
Wide grip cable row 3 x 15
Incline palms up dumbbell curl 3 x 15
Isolation curls 3 x 15
Curl machine 3 x 15

Fairly easy workout but solid pump. Went at a slow pace and just enjoyed some time with my friend. Had a good time. Headed to Starbucks after for a treat. Pikes roast with steamed almond milk and sugar free vanilla syrup. Delicious!