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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


It’s still very early, it’s goid to hear she seems a little better. Does she enjoy reading? It’s all phones an apps etc nowadays. These tablets they sit on all day lol. Back in my day you had to go to a library to get books to read.

Bulk going ok it’s slowed down lately I’m struggling to eat so much food. The early morning empty stomach cardio seems to be keeping the fat gains down. I’ve no real goal only to keep going this year unless the fat creeps up too much. Come January I’d like to cut down proper and see what’s left.

185 at your shreds would be ideal. In saying that at your weight now you look pretty big, there’s an illusion to being ripped in making you look more muscular and bigger.


It’s the anniversary of you joining T-Nation. There will be a full cake next to your name on your birthday.

Holy crap! That’s a pipe dream for me (adding that much muscle, not weighing 185). I was hoping to get to 225 at my 217 lb body fat. I gained 30 lbs last year and I’m pretty sure none of it was muscle. I’m almost back to my starting weight so I’ll snap a pic and compare. Body measurements are about the same though.


Ain’t that the truth. I don’t feel like I’ve lost 20 lbs in the past three months, but my clothes say otherwise


Who knows… might be unrealistic, but I like to swing for the fences lol


It’s not feasible for me. I tried. I’ve been 240 lbs several times in my life but I always look the same when I get skinny and drop down to 220.

But you’re on TRT. If I was already doomed to inject my hormones for the rest of my life then I’d probably have some fun with it :wink:


I like the idea, but am pretty health conscious and have anxiety. I did one blast of higher doses of test and added some secs in the fall and didn’t like how I felt. Not saying I won’t try again but probably with test only.


I use thus approach in so many different things. If I say I’m going to do something, so much more likely to get it done.

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6ft 5in and 240lbs sounds like a big unit. Not the copper you want calling to your door lol


I’m hoping a shredded 215 will have the same effect! Maybe the vest and gear will hide the fact that I’m skinny.


I did this too. Literally ordered 3 bottles on Amazon right after reading the article he posted

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Monster, looking shredded!!!

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Still suck at posing but had some fun with a most muscular!


The veinage!

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Fuark mate, you’re shredded and looking awesome.
Happy cake day :slight_smile:

I think it’d be wise to put some carbs post workout. But then again, that would make the breakfast smaller… difficult one… I’m eating the exact same thing in the morning, adjusting calories with how much oatmeal depending on cut or bulk.

Glad to hear the daughter is better, you have to ask her if reading gives her headache or tiredness or something.
Had a fellow officer that 8 month ago during duty was attacked by a Jerk who knocked him over, he hit his head on a concrete flower bowl. They arrested the dude, but his still at home can’t do shit. Not even play with his kids for 5 minutes.
Oh the attacker he got 30 days in prison… damn lousy job from the prosecutor.

This is a horror story and it’s not to freak you out, kids get’s knocked out frequently without anything happens other than a couple of days at home. I think when your grown up it’s worse.


Everyone loves a good most muscular,
Nice work Jacko

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Happy cake day Jack! And a speedy recovery to your daughter!

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She seems to be improving each day. Still is tired and sleeps a lot, but she did that before the concussion lol. She’s almost 15 so I kind of expect it. Thanks for checking in. Seems to be doing ok with reading. They’ve limited it to 15 minutes in an hour.


Woke at 163.8
This never happens to me but I haven’t gone to the bathroom since Tuesday. Probably just not a lot of waste at this point in the game.

I’ve been pretty drained I’m the evenings so I’m going to try a different approach to my carbs. I’ve been having my normal breakfast and then have 1 cup of brown rice to allocate between meals 2-6. I’ve been doing 2 oz in meal 2 which is pre workout, 4 oz in meal 3 which is post workout, 2 oz in meal 4, and none in meal 5 or 6. I do ok until around 5 and then it’s like I’ve got the shaky legs like when your blood sugar crashes for the rest of the day. Might simply be part of the process but I sure hope not.

Today I’m going to try 4oz servings in meal 3 and 4 and take them out of meal 2 and 5. Same nutrients just different spacing. My thought is that maybe I’m depleting myself too much in my workout and the 2 oz post workout just doesn’t do the trick to give me enough fuel for the rest of the work day. I typically finish workout around 1-2 or so and then work from then till 730-8. With the new spread I’ll have 1/2 cup pre workout and 1/2 cup post. We’ll see how I feel this evening.

If I feel better I’ll keep this setup through Sunday. Monday through Wednesday next week I’ll cut out another 4 oz of rice. Already know that’s gonna be brutal. Then peak week will start on Thursday. I will slowly decrease protein while increasing carbs. I’d have to look at my plan but I believe I’ll peak with my carb load on like Tuesday or Wednesday of peak week. That day will be like 330 grams of carbs. Holy Crap that will be awesome. I’ll then begin to wind them down a little as to not gain any fat. We’re almost there!

Morning cardio
Recumbent bike 30 minutes. Took it a little easy today, Average HR was around 120. Typically like to stay around 135.

Chest and triceps
Superset 1
Flat cable press 3 x 15
Flat cable fly 3 x 15
Superset 2
Incline cable press 3 x 15
Incline cable fly 3 x 15
Superset 3
Narrow dumbbell press with 5 sec squeeze at top of every 5th rep. 3 x 15
Tricep rope pulldowns 3 x 15
Superset 4
Kneeling overhead rope pull 3 x 15
Pushups 3 x 25

Dips with knee ups to failure 1 sets
Underhand incline pushups to failure 1 sets
Knee pushups to failurec1 set


Sooo much pressing work! My chest is quite tender after Tuesday’s workout. I’m not accustomed to volume anymore.

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It must be draining doing a workout like that in your state with the carbs etc. Nearly there now Jack. That just reminds me to flood your log with delicious off season cheat meals lol

It seems a lot of tweaking and micro management towards the end.