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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


I generally have very short rest between sets. (Maybe 30-60 seconds). So I’d say on average 1hr to 90 minutes. Obviously that doesn’t include the cardio. I loath cardio, but get it in. Still I’m fortunate in that regard. I know guys prepping for the same show I’m doing that are more on the endomorph side of things who are doing 1hr in the mornings and 1hr in the evenings. Guess I shouldn’t complain about bumping mine from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

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I also pre log my lifts as a plan for the day. This does two things IMO

  1. I can develop a plan that isn’t just a random set of lifts
  2. I generally build an aggressive session for the day. If it’s logged then I feel obligated to get it done. Sort of takes away the thoughts that you might just skip that lift you don’t like very much

My brain thinks that’s a ton a volume and doesn’t want to do it anymore. I used to train like that, but I learned to decrease volume when I was pursuing strength.

I’ve always been able to relate to CT’s stuff so I tend to follow his advice. His Best Damn stuff for naturals promotes high frequency, low volume. It’s about stimulating protein synthesis as often as possible while keeping volume down.

He’s talked about triggering the mTor response with training. It’s good for hypertrophy but it may speed up aging. Talk about a tricky balance!

I’m hoping my new split is enough to maintain most of what I have and add a little to my delts. I wrote it out last night so now I have a concrete plan.

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Oh man, sorry to hear that, hoping for a speedy recovery!

I remember (vaguely, lol) having that speech a few times during football and/or hockey. Puke on the bench, wait for vision to come back to about 90% and go back out on the field/rink to start cracking heads again! I’m glad they take it more seriously now, and hoping I don’t end up paying for those concussions later in life. Sometimes I joke about my concussions being the cause of my below-average memory…which could possibly be the case…what were we talking about again?


Sorry to hear about your kid, hope she’ll be fine soon.
Concussions can be a nightmare to deal with.

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Yeah… times a changin


Sorry to hear about your girl Jack. Best wishes here for a speedy recovery.

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Thanks buddy! It’s always hard to gauge how hurt she really is because she’s a drama queen about even small problems. I never know if it’s serious or not. But this time the lump on her head and seeing the injury occur gave me some perspective.


Did it swell up like an egg? Think they are super careful when it comes to treating concussion like you say. Hopefully the bump goes down over the coming days/weeks. My nephew ( brothers kid ) hit his before falling on the pavement and an egg like bump appeared. She should be fine mate

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Yep, big goose egg on the back of her head. I’m sure she’ll be fine though


You were right. Man that was a lot! I think the only reason I finished it was the comment I made earlier about pre planning and not wanting to not finish the list lol

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Very sorry to hear about your daughter. I literally flinched when reading that. I hope she recovers quickly. Sending healing vibes through the inter web to the other side of the world. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Well we had a follow up with the doc and she failed pretty much every cognitive ability test they did. They are keeping her out of school for the rest of the week with hopes of going back for a 1/2 day on Monday. Not allowed to really to anything. Ugh.


That’s a serious bump on the head. I bet it’s killing her to sit at home. The smart kids actually dislike missing school. Hopefully they’re sending her school work home. If not then I bet we could come up with some good homework material!

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She’s freaking out about no school. They were supposed to do a 24 hr project on Thursday where they stayed at school and Skyped every time one around the world with other students and now she can’t. The drs note actually says not allowed to do homework. Really no activity till Thursday and then only 5 minutes at a time. Guess she’ll catch up on sleep. Man that’s gonna be boring


Holy crap the scale surprised me this morning!
Woke up at 162.4
According to the chart I made that’s 6.25%
Pee was clear so I’m not dehydrated either. skinfold on belly was 3.8mm, pec was 1.8 mm, and quad Wes 4mm

The decrease in carbs hit me yesterday and was pretty lethargic and weak in the evening hours. Thinking about moving a few of my morning carbs to post workout. I think I’ll give it a few days though. I love my big breakfast and it seriously gives me some eating pleasure which is huge at this point in the game. If I can make it through and keep a 600 calorie breakfast that would be fantastic.

Shoulder Day!
Dumbbell press 3 sets 12-15
Neutral dumbbell press 3 sets 12-15
Arnold press 3 sets 12-15
Front plate raises 3 sets 12-15
Lateral raises 3 sets 12-15
Alternating front raises 3 sets 12-15
Rear delt cable pulls 3 sets 12-14
6 way delt finisher to failure

Already know this ones going to be brutal!

Cardio 30 minutes recumbent bike (14 left to go)

Had a queasy stomach yesterday so hopefully that’s done with today. Feel decent this morning but starving. I go in later today so I’m going to hold off on breakfast till a little later. This will allow me to eat carbs a little later I’m the day. Hopefully this will help with evening fatigue while coaching later today.


For some strange reason a piece of cake has appeared next to jackolee on my avatar name. Anyone know why. Is this site mocking me now!?!


hahaha I think the cakes an anniversary thing or something with when you joined. I’m not 100% though. Great timing to appear


How’s the wee one doing today ?


Still sleeping. She seemed a bit better last night. Guess I was wrong about not being allowed to do anything. She said she was allowed to read, which will make her happy.

In much better spirits but still a bit bummed. Thanks for asking.

How’s the bulk coming? Saw you were in the 190s. What’s the goal number? I want to land at 185 as lean as I am now. That’s another solid 22-25 lbs of muscle though. Good news is my legs have a lot of room to grow still. Lol.