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Soft 155 to 185 at 5%... How Many Years Will It Take?


Oh, snap! We do and I had no idea they served pizza. We’re not too adventurous when we eat out. We do it so infrequently that we stick to tried and true places. Looks like I have a new place to try for date night in a few weeks!

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Texas staple… biscuits and sausage gravy!


As a fellow Texan, I have to say, your biscuits are notably gravy-deficient… Awesome-looking breakfast, though!

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Yeah I thought so too. But with the eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, hash browns, and pancakes I let it slide. I had the pizza at like 11 last night and breakfast around 8 so I’m pretty stuffed lol!


Not to mention the toast. Tell me they had peach preserves to put on the toast…

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That was the wife’s toast. They had a variety of preserves and jams to choose from. I couldn’t be bothered with whole wheat toast lol


Yeah, that would be my last choice among the selections on your table.

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Good boy, finished it all.
Made me hungry right away :slight_smile:

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Gotta make the most of it if I’m only taking one day off before buckling it back down. I’ll see what the scale says tomorrow morning but I bet I gain 10 lbs. 155-165… we’ll see. The 155 is an estimate. Was 158.6 on Friday morning and then shut down water on Friday afternoon and Saturday day. I bet I lost another 3-5 lbs but 155 is a fair number.


Well done buddy, that’s great result! Thanks for documenting your journey here and for your informative posts. The progress you made in a short space of time is amazing and was only possible with the meticulous and consistent effort you have put in, you should be proud.

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I’m a little worried for your digestive track today, based on what you were eating for months, but you’re a tough guy, you’ll be fine. Congrats on getting through, great bucket list accomplishment!

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Haha! I find that when I eat in prep mode for a few months that I process cheats no problem. Although I don’t go quite as overboard as I am today lol. I’m sure I’ll be fine! Thanks man.


Well this is pretty cool!


Congrats man! Hell of a job

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I’ve kept checking in because even though I have next to zero interest in physique competitions, I think your positivity and genuine desire to help those around you is fantastic.

I’ve rethought my nutrition recently and I think it’s going to do the trick, although it is early days yet. Cut out the large sources of hidden sugar from my plan (bread/cows milk) and slowly finding ways to replace them. I feel like it might be one of those things I wished I’d done earlier.

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Absolutely. That’s a great direction to head. Eliminate the sugar, and just find options that fit the bill that you still like to eat. Awesome man!


Is it too early to ask what’s next on the radar? Any more specific goals yet?

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I’m going to stay at maintenance for a few weeks to a month. Then go into a mass building phase. The long term goal has always been to be stage lean at 185. I thought that going into competition prep that my current stage weight would be 165 but it ended up being about 155. So there’s still 30 lbs to go. Who knows if I’ll ever make it but it’s nice to have a goal.

I ended my bulk last year at around 183 so I think this year I’ll shoot for 195. I just redid my diet for maintence and am going to give it a shot starting tomorrow. It’s as follows:

200 protein
275 carbs
60 fat

I prepped and cooked a ton of delicious food today so I’m actually excited about it!


Any food ideas are awesome, I could talk about food all day.


Today I made:
1.Cubed baked red and sweet potatoes with salty/spicy seasoning
2. Plain old boring brown rice
3. Garlic lime shrimp
4. Spicy Mexican shredded sirloin
5. Spicy shredded chicken
6. Peanut butter oatmeal protein balls with sugar free chocolate chips
7. Also have a flat cut briscket in the fridge. Still deciding how I’m going to cook that. It’s a good spread overall
8. Turkey sausage in teriyaki

If anyone wants recipes I’d be happy to share