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Sodium Intake


How much sodium is an acceptable amount per day? I eat canned beans and chili and they usually have between 800mg and 2000mg per can.


Honestly IMO sodium is nothing to worry about in excess UNLESS you have BP probs. Then Maybe. I honeslty think May active and health wise people take it a bit to far and are Low on sodium. It is a crutial electrolyte for hydration , aids digestion, etc..

I myself am a SALT fanatic I use more than any five average people I would say. Weird yes but I love it.

I have had my blood draw twice in the past month and even with All that salt am WELL in the acceptable range.

Thats my take.



Thanks for the advise Phill. Now that I think about it, the only high sodium foods that I eat would be the ones I already mentioned which I eat a couple times a day. I don't really dump salt on everything, so I guess I won't worry about it.