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Sodium Intake


Currently cutting around 2,500 calories, low carb/high pro. taking in around 3,200mg of sodium per day, what is the effect of sodium intake, read alot of conflicting views, should i substitue some of my higher sodium foods and lower the sodium down, i know you can go too high or too low, anyone have any numbers??? should i supplement with potassium instead? THX


You should supplement with potassium if not getting enough potassium. Of course, no one sells a potassium supplement (not legal to do so at any substantial dose) though there is a way around it.

WHY do you think you need to cut sodium? What are you trying to accomplish? I can think of nothing that will be accomplished except perhaps holding less water immediately after the cut (not on a sustained basis) and reduced performance, assuming you’re going quite low.


Read Scott Abels Sodium article…search Scott Abels Sodium and itll pop up


[quote]bkmacky9288 wrote:
Read Scott Abels Sodium article…search Scott Abels Sodium and itll pop up[/quote]


I have since increased my sodium intake and it has made a huge difference for me(energy level,strength,less cramping).


I salt my foods like I’m trying to get hypertension.


3-5 grams added sodium (on top of what’s in food) is recommended while on a low carb diet. When I don’t salt my food I get massive headaches and feel like shit, I think it might be from low blood pressure since they are worst when going from sitting to standing. Hypertension FTW!