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Sodium and Potassium Supplementation


Is Na and K supplementation a waste of time. I've been keeping my intake of each around 5-6g per day. Its a pain in the ass mixing Potassium Citrate and Seasalt each morning. Otherwise with a normal diet it would be around 2g of each. Screw it or what?


When I first started learning about them while in nursing school, I thought about the exact same thing. What I found out was, though important sups for hospital patients, we do not need them for working out. Only may want to consider it if you are doing an extremely long (multiple hours) intense activity. I am not an expert, but this is what I found while asking the same thing in college. I do however include K and Na rich food prior to big lifting days.


Thanks Knight, this helps and makes sense. Long triathalons, endurance sports, things like these. Otherwise there is no performance enhancement. I do however use a good amount of seasalt with everyday foods which was noted sodium to be good for the athlete in general.


For potassium supplementation I take 1-4 tbsp ACV diluted in water throughout day as well as 1-2 tbsp Celtic Sea Salt with juice of lemon in water 1-2x / day.

This combo (taken at separate times of course) gives me trace minerals and excellent for rehydrating as well as aiding in digestion.