Soda's Effect on Muscle Building

I’m making good progress with my work outs; I’ve gone up 10 pounds on almost every weight I use in 2 weeks and I’ve even gained an additional 10 pounds.
However, I drink a lot of soda. Why? Because I’m a laid back kid who hangs out with his best friend and stays up late at night. I mean, if there is soda around I can drink about 6 cup fulls or several cans a day.

I also drink a lot of tea. Because it’s easy to make and tastes good.

I was just wondering if soda, or tea, has a negative impact on muscle building when excessively or carelessly ingested.

I’m still very proud of my gains, you have no idea how hard or long it took me to gain any weight or visible muscle progress. Now both are coming rather quickly.

Carbonic acid needs to be neutralized by buffers in your body such as calcium. Calcium is needed for your muscles to contract. Draw your own conclusions.

Soda is the devil.

So I’m assuming I’d see quicker gains if I just all together eliminated soda from my diet rather than trying to neutralize it with calcium.

Switch out soda for milk.

you can drink it, it is not going to make a big impact

IMO, I would stay away from soda, I have not had one for years. But then again how serious are you into the “bodybuilding or power lifting lifestyle”?

I drink two 2 liters of diet coke a day and my doctor said my recent bone scan showed my bones to be some of the hardest he’s ever seen. Soda will not hurt bones. Guzzling all that fructose will make you diabetic.

I’m not advocating drinking pop, eveyone has their vice and mine is caffeine. For now.