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Soda vs. Gatorade


Up until recently I've been dealing with a Coke addiction, Coca-Cola that is. I was drinking upwards of 96 oz. a day. On may days it was easily a gallon or more. After having all the cavities in my mouth fixed and the doctor telling me that this is likely the main reason my cholesterol is so high I stopped drinking it cold turkey. I've tried water, iced green tea, diet sodas, etc. I'm just not pulling it off. I still haven't had a Coke in over 2 weeks but I've found the past few days I've started replacing the Coke with Gatorade. I know, I know. Not an ideal trade off but it does have half the sugars, some of which is dextrose, and no HFCS. Again, I know I'm just trying to justify my choice. I'd like to drop the sugary drinks altogether.

I guess my question is, what do other's drink when you're craving something a little sweeter than tea or water?


Maybe some Crystal Light? Maybe go with diet versions?


Diet Orange Crush. I kill this stuff.


The low/no calorie flavored vitamin waters.




I like Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Mt Dew, and Diet Sunkist. All of those are pretty good for diet drinks, I can't even tell the difference anymore because it's been so long since I've had a real soda. That being said, I don't think drinking diet drinks are that good for you either. Honestly, I think it just takes time to get off the addiction. Try to figure out why you are addicted to it. Is it the taste, or is it some oral fixation? You could try sugar free gum to keep your mouth busy


I pretty much only drink water but will have a gatorade occasionally (once or twice a month maybe)

I really like drinking water and I think the cravings are mostly mental. Just use some will power and avoid drinking something sweet... it'll go away soon.

But if that doesnt work.... try some crystal light (pink lemonade is good)


You could try club soda with a squeeze of lime juice. It's not the sweet you're used to but maybe the carbonation will work for you.


I won't drink Gatorade because it's got HFCS.

When I find myself craving something good to drink, I have diet pepsi, Lipton Iced Tea packets (I easily can drink 4 or 5 a day), or Vitamin Water Zero (all the flavors are pretty good)


I drink gatorade. A lot.

The new shit doesn't have any HFCS in it.

The perform stuff doesn't have that many carbs in it, either.

I think the idea is to kick the cravings for sweet stuff. Using artificial sweeteners will make the transition easier than going cold turkey.


Gatorade has around half as much sugar per serving as typical soda.

G2, half that.

But yeah, diet soda and crystal light, and coffee and tea, for the win.


Cravings? What are you pregnant?


It just sounds to me you like you have a seriously addictive personality. I would stick to water/tea until you've 100% conquered your coke addiction.


Thanks Dr. Freud. It always amazes when someone compiles a complete psychological profile out of one post.

I grabbed some Crystal Light. Lemonade and Lemon Lime. Stuff is not bad. I'm trying to get away from not just the sugar but the carbonation as well so the club soda is a no go.

I've been thinking about what it was about the Coke that had me hooked. I really can't put my finger on it. I have a desk job during the day and I think boredom and daily routine had more to do with it than anything else. You take a break and grab a Coke. You go to lunch and order a Coke. You take another break and grab a Coke.

Caffeine may have had a little bit to do with it. In any case, it's now been a couple of weeks. I did have some caffeine withdrawls for the first few days. Headaches and lethargy but that's pretty much done and over. I'll stick with the Crystal Light for a couple more weeks and move onto water and iced tea. I'm not thrilled about drinking lots of artificial sweetener.

Oh, and the lemonade with a couple scoops of protein powder tastes great! Kind of like lemon meringue.

Thanks for the suggestions all!


LOL what? You're the one who referred to it as an "addiction" brah. I answered accordingly.

See that's the thing, NORMAL people can simply put the fucking can of coke down and don't need to see a doctor to tell them to stop drinking a gallon of cola a day. If you aren't addicted, then you are just plain fucking retarded.


I would recommend drinking a big glass of man the fuck up.


Lol... You said in the OP that you had a "soda addiction" and that you drank a gallon a day. Then he says that yeah you do have an addiction and to kick the habit. They you reply like a smart ass for him trying to diagnose you? Lulz



But good job working on alternatives.


Bro, haven't you heard that food activates these things..uh...I think they're called pleasure centers? in the brain...just like drugs!

Obviously, the only solution is to never eat anything that tastes good.


That's just crazy enough to work!