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Soda Post Workout


Can someone tell me if they know guys who drink a soda post workout and why?


I hear Kobe Bryant drinks Sprite.


Because he obeys his thirst...

(Seriously though, the high fructose corn syrup in sodas isn't good PWO nutrition...)


I tried it once. Wasnt pretty. Loaded a scoop of protein & 10grams of creatine into 8oz of coke. Put the cap on my shaker bottle. Gave it about 2 good shakes....then....BOOM! It exploded everywhere. That was the last time I ever tried that.

Stick with gatorade/powerade or something like grape juice, chocolate milk. Just dont mix it with the cap on. Grape juice did the same thing as above. Never tried gat/pow though, so I dont know if that would explode.

Good luck,

p.s. Stay away from soda's they are junk.


Sodas is sweetened with HFCS not a good choice anytime even post w/o.


Soda is always a bad choice, even post work-out. The High Fructose Corn Syrup in soda doesn't illicit an insulin response, so you're doing nothing to help replenish your muscles glycogen stores. You're just filling your liver up with sugar that it will most likely store as fat (even post workout).

Also, soda is diuretic, so by drinking it post-workout you're further dehydrating yourself when getting rehydrated is most paramount. To top it off, exercise combined with soda in my experiences leads to cramps.

Ditch the soda.


I agree that soda is a poor choice post-workout, it definitely illicits an insulin response.


Wrong. Here's a quote from Berardi on fructose from the Carb Roundtable:

"Fructose, on the other hand, is metabolized differently due to its structure. In the liver, fructose is metabolized and can replenish glycogen (liver only) or can form triglycerides. Due to the fact that fructose doesn't cause a substantial rise in blood sugar (it's too busy filling liver glycogen stores and creating triglycerides), it doesn't stimulate insulin secretion to any large extent."

Okay, techincally it does illicit an insulin response. In fact, pretty much all food does. The point here is that HFCS doesn't create a large insulin response, so it does nothing for muscle glycogen replenishment/anabolism.


Thanks guys!


He's talking about fructose, not HFCS. There's a big difference.


Yeah but I dont think fruit contains HFCS.


Liquid candy!

P E R I O D!


I do because I'm thirsty. Simple as that.


LOL! I always loved that slogan! I always wondered how many people's thirsts compelled them to drink shitty carbonated sugar water.


A lot, I'd say 90% of the nation's population is addicted to these shitty sugary drinks.


My thirst does, he's abusive...


LOL! True!

I was thinking along the lines that it was a sugar and/or caffeine jones that compelled them to drink this crap, not actual thirst. If they were really "obeying their thirst", they would slam a liter of water and be done with it. The thought of drinking that stuff while I'm actually thirsty (like between sets) makes me gag.

I would say your 90% figure isn't unrealistic, though. I've actually had people over the years tell me "I hate water". No one in the gym, mind you, but this is a hell of a thing to say regardless; you hate the substance that makes your life, arguably all life, possible?

You gotta wonder what their colons and livers look like, always getting their fluids from shit like soda. SHUDDER


yea HFCS contains either 45% or 55% fructose, the rest being either sucrose or monomeric glucose(i really dont remember).


I would think your better off with Gatorade or even fruit juice would be better. Then again your could get some Surge (shameless plug baby)