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Hey dudes, I'm new here... so I figured this might be a good way to introduce myself.
I just turned 19 in Sept. and have been training hard for about 2 and a half years. I'm about 5'7" and 176-177 lbs.

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Um, awesome. Tell us how you got this way.


Huge for 175.

Not to turn this in to a "You cheated! steroid debate" or anything like that. But, you natural man? Wouldnt matter either way your still very impresive.

Also, what are you squating, benching and deadlifting?

Again, very impresive, good genetics, hard work.


Thanks man!
And the only "un-natural" thing I took was a month cycle of legal ph's. It was just to get me out of a slump I had due to the inability to eat correctly during my first few months of college... I had lost about 7 lbs.
Other than that I haven't done anything other than standard nutritional supps.

And stat-wise:
Bench- 315x4
Deadlift- 405x6
Squat- 425x5

I don't know what my one rep max is.


Wow very impressive. What is your diet like?


Lots of turkey wraps, nutrition bars, and protein shakes... I'm poor and I'm at college, so it's hard to follow a diet. I pretty much just shoot for high protein and carbs and don't eat any sweets or desserts.


Very Dense, and you have some legs too!

Im curious as to what your training is like?


5 Days a week, one musclegroup per workout...
...and my workouts are long, like over 2 hours.

Mon- Chest
Tues- Bi's and Tri's
Wed- off
Thurs- Back
Fri- Shoulders/traps
Sat- Legs
Sun- off

...and some ab crunches every night


Very impressive, I think that 7.5 rating is a little low. What are you measurements?


I agree....you are pretty jacked as well I'm very impressed. I got another question, what kinda lifts did you have when you started working out, also what were your general stats?


7.7 for this guy???? Should be higher imo. I think the OP could use some more mass in the traps, but thats just nitpicking on my part.


Well here's a pic of me right before I started lifting. I was 17 and I was about 110 lbs. and was pretty weak.
...and I don't know what my measurements are, I never get around to doing that kind of stuff... and I don't think I own a tape measure.


Man you got some hell genetics there since you're natural....do go from that to where you are now in only two years is pretty amazing - you must work very hard! :slight_smile:
I'd hit it (j/k)


Wow nice transformation.


Ok I'll be the one to say it.

not that I care or it matters, still an extremely impressive physique that I am indeed jealous of, buuuttt ...

Not natural.


bodybuilding will never be a mainstream sport containing people w/ your mindset.