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Society Is Collapsing in a Fit of Irrationalism


I tuned into the state budget meeting for my daily dose of disgust... the state is flat fucking broke and is losing tax revenue as the stimulus measures wear off and the economy resumes its descent into the shitter. So they had this meeting where they heard testimony concerning the needed budget cuts, and every liberal community leader in the state stepped up and expressed utter outrage at the cuts to his own pet spending program. People demanded money for college students from third-world countries, blind/deaf kids with downs syndrome, pregnant women on psychiatric medication, stray animals with rabies, "job training" for disabled people for jobs that don't need to be done, but only exist to give the disabled person the appearance of living a useful life, every kind of abomination you can think of and a million others that I never would have thought of.

The fact that the money just isn't there means NOTHING to them. They think getting on a podium and yelling at the government to give you what you want is the proper way to act. Now the institution they have learned to depend on is bankrupt and they are behaving like animals fighting over scraps. None of them can see what's happening, they just want their government checks. This country is so fucking doomed it's not even funny.


You did not state the state, lol. Dumb humor my friend. I bet it is Cali. Do not worry belligerent we will win our country back but at a price and certain sacrifices. They are the minority and yet are controlling the majority there time is coming.
Also on my way to a top secret tea party meeting.


Lets have a little chat about the concept of "top secret" sometime.


Capped go back to your abortion clinic my friend. Just like a true attack the messenger not the message. Any who our meeting went well and expect a surprise in 2012. And yes I get what your pointing out but that explains more about you my friend.


Helping disabled people is an abomination? Really?

Where I work there are a few disabled people working in admin who got there on a scheme which trains disabled people to work.They are very very good at their job and scarcely the 'abomination' you so decry.
I agree the deficit should be cut and we are getting a copy of that over here but let's look in particular at what savings will actually be cost effective before you blast them all away.


Dude... it was a joke about the fact that you were openly talking about a top secret meeting.

What exactly does it explain about me?


Your level of reading comprehension is an abomination.


I think belligerent is in the same state as me and i didn't even know we were bankrupt. The only way i really care is i don't want anything to do with any kind of state income tax.


I would like some detail of these jobs that don't need to be done that are being given to the disabled. And some kind of source for this whole thread.