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Socialized Medicine


When I was in my 20's I had some lousy health insurance. Instead of waiting for a handout from Uncle Sam, I decided to go to school, bust my ass studying and get a science degree. As a result, now I have health insurance. What a concept! Instead of sitting on my ass and waiting for Uncle Sam to give me something I obtained it myself through hard work!

Whatever happened to this concept of working hard to get things in this country instead of everyone wanting something for free?

Why has socialized or nationalized medicine now been given the cozy term "health care reform?"

In fact, everything is "reform" under Obama! Amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants has now become "immigration REFORM."

The way that this administration is trying to rush through this socialized medicine is a joke!
CNN claims that illegals will not be covered, but Obama wants to make the illegal immigrants legal, ergo they WILL be getting covered if Obama gets his way!

But back to the point.... why is it that people now whine and cry about things like not having health insurance instead of working to improve themselves? Why if you are either 1) Too lazy or 2) Too stupid to get a decent job should I have to pay for your health care?


You are exactly right, people are poor for those two reason, period.

Her's an example, a piece of crap pt of mine, the literally most problem causing person in my office in 20 years, recently attempted to defraud Medicaid by claiming excessive visits to my office. This piece of garbage said she was there 88 times from last august o this july and I think into this month.

I saw her 11 times from 8/8/08 to 9/25/08. I have never had a pt give me such a hard time over nothing. Everyone was against her because they had an attitude, she was black, and no one understood her. It wasn't that she was an abrasive asshole.

I asked 3 people to leave my care in 20 years, and she was one of them. one was a bs artist trying to scam comp, another was a patient who wanted me to do something i was not allowed to do. I was polite and within a week she was in with a great attitude. I explained my point professionally and after a cooling down period, she saw my point and was glad I handled it the way I did.

This recent one was hated by the Welfare office, reportedly the investigator from the office reported that she dressed better than her with a horrible attitude. The lawyer can't stand her, and the paralegals cannot stand her.

She is a liar and cheat and IMO, should be thrown of the welfare rolls. Oh, here's another good one, she had all the pay channels on DTV the last time I remember talking to her. Our tax dollars at work.

I'm helping the local office as much as possible to see her get what she deserves.


Exaclty, when ANYONE bitches about it I just think of my own mother.... She is 59 years old... has been in two really bad accidents... the second one broke her spine and fractured her skull, she also has fibromyalgia, soft tissue damage everywhere, and a number of other things wrong with her.

When the second accident happened she did not have healthcare so she did not get an MRI or xrays of her back done as the hospital wouldnt allow it... she knew something was wrong with her back though... anyhow this was in 2003 and two years ago she finally was able to get off all pain meds and get a full time job with health insurance.

She finally got that MRI done and found out she has two shattered disks that could have been fixed but were not due to not having insurance. Does she bitch? No, she works 55-60 hours a week without pain meds and sucks it up.

I HATE people that abuse the system, and others that bitch about how bad they have it.


My grandmother survived the great depression. My grandma was raised by a single mother and she had 3 siblings, they never took a hand out from uncle Sam once!

My grandparents are not on medicare, they buy their own insurance.



I grew up in Sweden.
What you guys have to realize is that the main problem with socialized healthcare is that the time you spend waiting is comparable to a communist breadline. Unless you fall down on the street with a life-threatening issue, you will have to wait. If you have the money here in the US, you'll get treated right away for any illness, and there is no shortage of doctors. Also, medical innovation is booming here. Innovation means nothing to a socialized healthcare system.


Hello OP.
Just a quick comment from Australia re socialised medicine.

We have a system here called Medicare. You can claim certain things on public funding - eg basic medical consultations -, others for which you must have private insurance, such as specialist care. However, initial consultations are generally covered by Medicare.

Our system works reasonably well because the doctors one sees are subsidised by the government rather than being government employees (like in the UK). If you rely only on the government yes you have to wait. If you need an operation or something in a hurry you have the option of paying for private medical care at any time.

This is a VERY rough picture of the system here and certainly costs have gone up in certain sectors - reduced costs are generally available to those on welfare.

My point is that a system like this can work well depending on HOW it is structured and what position is occupied by the doctors - ie as employees or as private practitioners. Either way, i think, one has a lot of paperwork!!
From the patient perspective, it is often quite straightforward. Something is claimable (ie you get a Medicare rebate) or it isn't. You qualify for bulk-billed services or you don't.
Whether the system works or not it is always wise to have money saved if possible for emergencies, but then doesn't that apply to everything?

I have had various medical needs over the years (which i am afraid will continue all my life). One major one i saved up for and paid for myself, others I was able to claim (thank god) and a couple of others my father paid for and helped me with (which was saddening for me but unavoidable and I am now at least much more functional.)

Anyway, Google "Medicare Australia" for more info - you''ll probably find lots of complaints and problems, but it has certainly helped me, and others, and will for awhile yet!


A little off topic, so I'll try to make this short. I had a girlfreind the got breast cancer. She later lost her job and her insurance so the two of us were paying her medical bills. She didnt qualify for any help from the state of Oregon. Here's my question: why is that an illegal alien from Mexico can come in here, get all sorts of free health care BUT us dumb American tax payers have to pay thru the nose???? Praise Obama!!!!


Lazy and stupid people plague this country. They don't want to crack a book and get a degree and we have to give visas out to Hindus and Chinese because of their laziness and stupidity. Many criminals in the inner city and other low life types are caught up in drug culture so that they can buy designer clothes instead of going to school or working hard. They want easy money!

Ever seen how people on welfare abuse the system here? Sit in an ER room here and you will see people on welfare going to the ER for a "headache". Why? Because it's "free". Give something to people for free and they take 3!


The illegals ARE in his health care plan. He wants to make them all legal. Period end of story!
That REALLY pisses me off and it will lead to even more of them jumping our border too! Now that they can get subsidized health care by American workers! It infuriates me to no end!


Rule of the dirtbag, if you are hard working, why help you? I mean come on, you'll eventually figure something out.

I could tell you stories about poverty and similar situations like yours. You'd see a difference in regular good people and dirtbags.

I owe app 150K for my life. Two mortgages, business loans etc. Not to bad for 45. Two years i own my office building.

I know a pt who got an 88 K settlement and pissed it away in 1 year. total white trashy type with no brains. you give me 88K, I'm set for life. I will be debt free in 3 years or less.

Now he's still broke and stupid and I'm still working.


I think you are great, not a lazy bone in your body and you are so smart too. You know the answer; every body that is poor is both lazy and stupid. One thing about being smart is it teaches you how to get by with a preexisting condition. I wish every body would bust their ass just like you. You da man. Do you think that sounds like mental masturbation?


They go to the hospital get the care and do not pay the bill; it does not work for the working poor. They can go as far as garnishing your wages. But illegal they have no recourse. There are a lot of working poor, you can say they are lazy, dumb but in reality they are at a disadvantage. Not every one can be at the top. It is as simple as physics. You will have people that are more successful and you will have people that are less successful. There is no way around it


I doubt you are lazy, but I have to question your intelligence. I personally think rude ignorant people plague this country. What they can not get with their intelligence they get with brash rudeness


Why would you question his intelligence? He is right a lot of people on welfare do abuse the system. My dad was a doctor and he would talk all the time about how people on government programs would come in for things like the flu, headaches, and hell even some would come in for shit like sprains.


There are some people that are lazy and dumb, but I do not feel the people at the bottom are the problem, it is the people in the middle that think they got where they are because of themselves. The majority of people are where they are because their parents taught them how to fend for them selves. If you had educated parents you had an advantage.If you were middle class you still may be so. If you were poor you are probably still poor

Why I question his intellect is because he really enjoyed stroking himself and inflating his worth by reflecting negatively on the poor. I personally thought his remarks were paper thin. Just my opinion.


um... dude, this is WHY we need healthcare refom


You really should read up on this reform bill.Fast. Oh, how are we gonna pay for this?


I've treated app 2000 of them, believe what you will, but they're idiots. Lazy, stupid, and shiftless is the rule , not the exception.


It's the people at the bottom, believe me. I've seen it enough. It is do to their lack of work ethic, morals, and character. See my above story. this is not a rare occurrance.


You really should just give up. I came from a poor family with a good work ethic. We went to school did not get knocked or knock anyone up. I'm a chiropractor, my sister is a stay at home mom who married a Harvard PhD who graduated from the USNA. she met him at Harvard. Went to school to get her law degree at night, but decided to be a mom.

Most of the poor aren't worth spit, deal with it.