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Socialist Democrats Convention

Can this be real?


Jesus fuck this is a case of how many does it take to screw in a light bulb.

What was with the repetitive flute tune going on in the background?

A little chatter drives up some peoples’ anxieties?

Nah. The dude is just a control freak/douchebag desperately grasping at being taken seriously but failing badly.

Actually I’d love to crash an event like that.


Dude probably has asperger’s.

Cultural Marxism in action. He cant concentrate, so you must all shut up now.

What’s cultural Marxism?

I’m impressed that they found a real life angry lolcat woman to lead the conference.


Did you see her face when they kept calling out “personal point of privilege!”?

Even she knew it was bullshit.

Please address everyone as comrade. LMAO

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Because she said comrade it’s cultural Marxism?

If you agree with cultural Marxism, it is the idea that economics doesn’t explain all forms of oppression, and that the ideological superstructure of society has a mutually reinforcing relationship with economic inequality (Christian conservative ministers promote capitalist values so rich people attend their church and write big checks and by the way they think gays shouldn’t marry, etc, etc). Also called “the Frankfurt School.”

If you disagree with cultural Marxism, it is the idea that professors and artists are more powerful than CEOs and politicians and they are using TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek to spread their liberal agenda.

I thought if you believe cultural Marxism exists, that you were an antisemite.

If you were educated you knew that it isn’t the same as the above mentioned Frankfurt School.

Cultural Marxism also alludes to the “long March through the institutions”. See below along with the 45 communist goals read into the congressional record in 1963. True marxists don’t just want economic/governance revolution. They want to overthrow and remake the culture of the entire world.



I watched some of the raw footage. It boggles the mind when I try to fathom how the ideas being advanced by this crowd have infected the same party that nominated JFK.

It reminded me of the group meeting scenes from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

“Point of personal privilege,” the audience member said into a microphone. “Please do not use gendered language to address everyone!”

This just sounds so fucking dumb.


The intensity of the frustration in his voice is laughable.

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@jshaving @anon10035199

I saw that part too. The guy who spoke immediately before committed the grave sin of using the word “guys” to address the entire group. You can see the guy become immediately triggered by this before he stands up to scold the other speaker.


It seems that Cultural Marxism doesn’t actually exist.

They really haven’t infected anything.

Those 1963 Current Communist Goals - ouch.
Mostly completed.

Of course, l have always thought of the authorship of Communism as coming from a little ‘higher’ than Marx.

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