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Social Media Meltdown


This is pretty awesome - what not to do!



I can't wait until God goes all old testament again and strikes down the "web-sinners" for their bakery blasphemy in a sea of overpriced confectionaries and thick, gooey icing. All that will be left in the obesity-ridden carnage will be Amy's Baking Company, having survived the wrath of God due to it's double glazed plexiglass windows and buoyant pastry base, floating along in a calm and tranquil ocean of chocolate cake sauce to start the world anew with a generation of sub-par baking ability and righteous denial.


But aren't they buying their cakes from Wal-Mart? If Wal-Mart is gone their cakes will not be available to the masses. I am sad, no cake.


Wow that was entertaining. The Gordon Ramsay show, reddit, facebook, the whole nine yards. Amazing.


Wow they actually are, that makes this even worse, it's like some kind of old lady bakery Ponzi scheme. Walmart is going to keep all their cakes from now on, the fanbase for this restaurant is all but demolished now.

As an aside, I love me some Gordon Ramsay humour.


Part 2 is the best 20 minutes of television I have seen in a long time.


Best quote on Reddit.

"these people must think that caps lock is cruise control for cool"




In the end I just feel sad for the 100 people that they have turned over in the past year. A normal person would have eventually said to themselves, "maybe I am the problem not all these people."


This place is only 8 miles away from my work. I think I have to go right?


Make sure you drive or it'll be gone before you get there.


She is like my ex-girlfriend from 16 years ago. What a psycho-hoesbeast.


Legit here I was thinking most of the gordon ramsay shows were setups, I guess not.

Also you ever get those days were you start to think there aren't really stupid people, there is just perspective and circumstance?..... Yeah and then something like this happens and reminds me stupid people really do exist, shit.


If you are going to go do it soon. They will either temporarily shut down and reopen under a different name to try and escape the bad publicity or permanently shut down.


Crazy episode.


At least two people have killed themselves because of Gordon Ramsay, for the most part it's pretty real.

I'm pessimistic enough to believe that the majority is innately stupid, they exist in droves. I've only gotten through the first part of the episode, the false entitlement kills me. The religious superiority and delusion of worth drives me wild too.


I live in Australia, so perhaps my exposure to actually stupid people is at a lesser rate than you get in the USA (Im assuming thats where you are). Its uh, confronting when it does happen, to say the least.


I'm actually British (but I live in Spain). That pessimistic. I assume USA is climbing the bell curve per capita, or even in general given the factors at play in that kind of nation.

I find it extraordinarily difficult to toe the line between being around stupid people for comedy relief and when it actually starts to become mentally draining.


Nothing could have prepared me for that second half of the episode. Those people are insane, I'm unsure how they survived as a business for upwards of a year. Unless the male owner is old money, I can't imagine there having been anything coming along to stay afloat with at any point in their business' life cycle. I think I need to watch Masterchef just to calm my senses.


I enjoyed that. I particularly liked when the old dude was like "You want to fuck with me? I am the gangster!"

I also thought for a second at the start the old dude was going to get his ass kicked by the check shirt guy. He was getting pretty aggressive.