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Social Economics 101: Reagan vs Obama



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I heard about this classroom experiment before.
I've explained it to a few people that were touting the benefits of socialism.


You guys might like this book(nevermind the sex in the link, it's from a university)

It goes into the factors that lead to a society/nation's flourishing or decline.
Specifically the last chapter or two are where the meat is.

Ascension pages 167-170
Decline pages 172-175

I had to do an essay on it(got 87%). I found it very thought provoking as it went into certain aspects that are often considered to be the reasons why Europe(and later America) essentially "took over" the world, economically speaking.


Great video Matty, that really says it all.

And funny too!


Cue pittbull's anti Reagan, steel industry response in 3...2...1...


Reagan destroyed the steel industry, my random relative was a union member in the steal industry, he worked for forty years and then once Reagan went into office...boom he was fired and had to live in a card board box...and you know the steel industry started making a profit, but I'm not going to point that out! Down with Reagan!

/pitbull imitation.


Brother Chris, you may have actually channeled senor pittbull!

Pittbull? You in there??....


I'm willing to bet he's going to come in here and still attempt to shoot down Capitalism.



While there is logic in the arguments made in this video it is a lie to portray Regan as someone who advocated for laissez faire.

His actions were also socialistic - but republicans like to exalt his memory all while ignoring his part in advancing the military industrial complex, the war on drugs, and other such family-related social contrivances.

To a Republican it is only socialism if someone with a "D" after his or her name thinks it up.


Not true.

Those of us who lived through the nightmare of Jimmy Carter remember what it felt like when Reagan arrived on the scene. He was more than just a great President who turned the economy around he was a true inspiration.

You should finish that statement ..."which guarantees my safety and promostes freedom through out the world."

Which is a good thing. Just because it is not being fought properly (which they had no idea in 1984) doesn't mean that there shouldn't be one.

Promoting family values is not a contrivance. If families were stronger there would be less crime, less drug use less violence and pretty much less of everything else that's bad.

Don't be an ignorant jack ass all your life!


Example 1^

Ignores and exalts the memory of the socialist Regan.


^ Example of someone who not only didn't live through the Reagan years and doesn't understand them. But, also is unable to refute one word of what I wrote!


I have dropped that approach , I now just say Ronald Reagan is a cock sucker


Fuck you , you don't know shit . Yeah Reagan was a true conservative (NOT)


I will watch the movie next week when I have the band width