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Soccor Moms or T-Men

Hey, Gang: Just the other day I had an epiphany while reading some “rant” on the Forum. I have a good friend with an absolutely beautiful wife both inside and out. She has one of those “bob” gymnast hairdo’s, seems to always wear workout wear (which she looks GREAT in!), and seems to always be on the move. She diligently goes to aerobics, lifts “bunny” weights, and yes, one of their kids (the 6 year old) DOES play soccor! (Guys, I know she sounds like a cover girl for “Fitness” magazine, but she is REAL, and just a neat lady). She DILIGENTLY reads “Self”, “Shape” and “Muscle Media” and to John’s chagrin, takes “Myoplex Lite”, some other EAS supplements, some kind of Multi with Soy, and believes in Bills “portion” ideas (the “size of the palm” thing). Guess what? She is NOT some “dumb sheep”. She is smart and she thinks about what she does. She is happy and is pleased with her workouts, her body and who she is .I have never heard her complaining about her gym. Steriods? Not in her vocabulary. My goodness, she probably had paid for at least 1/2 of Bill Phillp’s new mansion and she does it without complaint. (She work’s, so it’s not “John’s” money).

NOW I AM TALKING GENERALITIES HERE, SO NO “FLAMES”; WE ARE ALL NOT THE SAME! I compared Annie to the “learned and Harcore” I often talk with, see and read on the “T-Mag” Forum: “Can I get a free”…(fill in the blanks); “Geez, man; why is (blank) so expensive, man? I can order from protein factory and make it myself, man! Oh…what ratios do I use, man?”; "I hate my gym, man… (whine, whine, whine…); “Hey, (TC, Chris, John, et.al) when are you gonna (fill in the blanks)?” “I hate to diet, man; how much D-bol to get big?”

Who is worse, Annie OR some of these knowledgeble, "I -won’t- let- Bill Phillips and -Eas- Rip-Me-Off-“Hardcore” whining “T-Men?” Do you support Biotest like Annie does EAS? (I am sure some do; many don’t…)Your thoughts… (p.s. I am NOT a representative of either “Biotest” or “EAS”!)

Good point. I don’t mind paying for quality sups. I think Biotest makes great products. My only complaint is that the t-shirts need to come in XXL.

There are givers and there are takers. Givers appreciate a good deal and don’t mind paying for what they want.

Well my thought is, your “friend” had better
watch out: it’s more than obvious that you are really wanting to “do” his wife :wink:

Bill: LOL. I was thinking the same thing.

Good one, Bill!!!:)-

…naw…too “perky”, “squeaky” and “Hi, how 'ya doin!” for my taste…

From the kinder and gentler whopper: It is obvious you have a subconscious desire to procreate with this woman based upon all the desireable traits you post reguarding her. What I think is that your admiration of her support of EAS is actually a subliminal projection of the dedication and support you would like her to have for you and your narcassisticly overdeveloped body. In reguards to your negative complaints reguarding the other posters, please understand that this negative attitude is unfair to the many of us that do commit ourselves to the biotest line of supplements in our need for self gratification which is represented by our bodybuilding. By lumping us all together you create an unfair profile of the average t-forum poster. What I suggest is perhaps an anger management course, combined with psycological counseling for your supressed desires for your friends wife, which if not controlled could lead you to such self-destructive behavior as an affair, or at the least, comparing your significant others qualities to hers, and therefore placing unrealistic expectations on your significant other, leading to overall dissatisfaction which will manifest itself in many ways in your relationship. I hope I have been able to help, and I hope nothing I put here is offensive or upsetting in any way. Sincerely, K.G. Whopper

Whopper, could I please have some of those meds you’re taking?

Yup sounds like your a little hot for the old lady.Everyone should do there homework and find out what supps.,drugs,or hmmm soccer moms are best for them.It’s like that damn purple EAS label SUCKS people in and controls them.Betagen and phen-free however is a great stack for wasting your money!Guarenteed results FAST!

Hey Mufasa, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to do your friend’s wife. Just because she is married to your friend doesn’t change her attractiveness. Actually doing it is quite another matter. I usually “handle” it by taking the matter into my own hands, or hand, whatever the case may be. Geez, did I actually write that?

Tim, TC or Chris: Can you add something to the “Testosterone Forum Guidlines” for The Lion? “Don’t even INSINUATE sex and/or religion or you’ll get a shit load of answers on sex and religion…”


She sounds like she has good genetics and lots of Prozac on board to me :slight_smile:
Mufasa, where do you fall in the spectrum of whiners vs cheerleaders for Biotest?
Whopper, you are showing a fascinating new side of yourself, even if you have become rather pear shaped ;)(this is not a flame, its a joke from one of his other posts)

The ignorance is bliss statement applies here. She is ignorant (misinformed by a bit), and goes with what she is told by Bill and content with that. Most T-men however I hope, challenge what the norm and hence arent the norm and aren’t neccessarily conten with things. From there its really a philosophical question of whether you want to be ordinary or extraodinary.

HEAR HEAR on the negativity in so many posts, the whining “T-Men”, and the adolescent sex posts (no offence Bill or Bob - the mature sex posts are funny, T related, and keeps balance but there are long popular and ridiculous sex threads elsewhere). This forum is getting hijacked, or at least sidetracked, and is looking more like “PreTmag” or “Sperm Mag” or something and its getting hard to find the meaningful/Tmag relevant posts. Arent there other more appropriate forums for these people to barf all over? It would be nice to have organised separate forums for “Natural”, “Shortcuts” and “unrelated posts including emotional trite, boasts and baggage posts”.

AGirl: Definitely a “cheerleader” for T-Mag, especially its Editors and writers. However, a lifetime of love for Health and Fitness has made me a VARACIOUS consumer of information health related. So I don’t reject information solely because I don’t like the owner of the company or because it is “Mass Market”. I will accept or reject it on its own merits. Have I been duped before? You bet. I will BET there is NOONE on this site that hasn’t pulled the old credit card out in the middle of the night and bought some piece of junk, real estate seminar, fat loss product or some kitchen tool. But thats all part of the learning curve.

The point of my post was three fold:

1)That average mom with kids would PROBABLY not get past the first “Atomic Dog”, someones obsession with ejaculating on someones back then in their face (that was in a post once), the sometimes overt touches of sexism and racism you read on the site, or the methods for obtaining anabolics (for better or worse, they ARE illegal, folks) before she starts running for the keys to her mini-van. Is she always a stupid, bunny weight lifting-bagel eating sheep ready to be slaughtered by EAS? No.

  1. MuscleHeads like myself and the guys I hang out with can be some of the biggest whiners about EVERYTHING you’ve ever seen; AND IGNORANT DESPITE ALL THE “KNOWLEDGE” THEY HAVE! My Crew can pump some SERIOUS iron, but would I have one of this Posse look after my child while I’m on vacation or teach a kid about compassion? Not the way these guys can be when they get horny, or while on a cycle or they’re half crazy from low carbs and ketosis…


“someones obsession with ejaculating on someones back then in their face (that was in a post once)” That would be me. It’s not an obsession. It was a suggestion.

Amen t-rone I guess I’m not alone.

Carb Tolerant, Ectomorphic types (even Body Fat distribution) Do well on any type of diet. They tolerate carbs well, and moderate exercise keeps them lean, and unless they are eating crap crap crap they will build muscle and look desceant. Now the problem is that person gets elevated into the spot light by others, ask them what they do. “well I eat six meals of day of protein and starches”. So they copy, but no results! Its kind of like the article that was printed about the dumb person trainer with perfect genes. You need to know what people respond best to based on body type. I personally revolve my diets every 4 weeks to prevent adaptation.