Soccer / Weights Journal

Hi, just joined the site so thought I would start a journal to log my workouts and my nutrition, as I will be getting back in the gym tomorrow after about a month layoff due to injury and exhaustion.

First off, a little about me…I am 22 years old, 5ft 10ins and weigh about 168lbs. I play soccer, so want to stay about this weight and am not looking to add much in the way of size. I am really only looking to improve my body composition a little bit through lowering my bf% slightly. Other than that, the other objective I always hold in the gym is to get stronger each workout, either by adding weight or reps. After this, I find the rest takes care of itself.

As I say, I play soccer, which means either 2 games and 1 team training session a week, or 1 game and 2 team training sessions (usually the latter). In between this, I will be lifting using the Defranco WSBIII template, which I have used with good results for probably a year and a half now.

As stated earlier, I have been injured so haven’t done any running or soccer for about 2 weeks, nor have I been to the gym since 2 weeks prior to that as I burned out a bit. So, I am feeling small and soft at the moment, and weak. Therefore, I can’t wait to get cracking tomorrow and get back into the good shape I was in about a month ago!

Will update tomorrow!

By the way, here is the most recent photo I have of myself, which was taken back in April during a period when I was out with a knee injury.


Weight - 172lbs
Waist - 32ins

40g whey
15g Pulse (CEE/NO2 supp), 5g BCAA, 5g Glutamine, 5g Beta Alanine

8.30 - Upper Max Workout

10g whey, 20g dextrose, 5g BCAA, 5g Glutamine sipped throughout

Wide grip dips - Up to max set of: BW +30kg x 4
Dumbell bench press - 30kg x 6,6,6
Barbell rows - 70kg x 8,8,8 superset with…
Bent over rear cable raises - 5kg x 8,8,8
Barbell shrugs - 100kg x 8,8,8
Dumbell curls - 20kg x 8,8
Ab circuit (sprinter situps, toe touches, hip thrusts, side touches) x 16
Swiss ball pressup bridge - 30 seconds, 30 seconds

Good workout, and felt good to be back in the gym, although felt very flat and chubby. Really good form for the chest exercises, hopefully strength will rise pretty quickly on these. Back superset was very tough but kept form very tight and strict. Lower back felt a little fried for shrugs afterwards but got them done. Curls also tough at the end. Core seems to have weakened a bit as struggled with the bridges when was doing a minute easily not long ago. Again though, this should shoot back up to previous level quickly.

40g whey
50g dextrose
5g BCAA, 5g Glutamine, 5g CEE, 5g Beta Alanine

125g chicken breast
2 slices wholegrain soya bread
Lettuce and tomato salad w/light mayo

250g low fat yoghurt
20g whey
5g fish oil

5 egg omlette
Low fat cheese
Red onion

250g low fat yoghurt
20g whey
5g fish oil

250g low fat yoghurt
20g casein
5g flax oil


40g whey
50g muesli cereal w/half fat milk

8.30 - Recovery Session

10 minute x-trainer warmup
20 minutes lower body stretching with 30 second holds
5 minutes foam roller work on ITB’s