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Soccer Project - Read On

Hey all,

I am a soccer player in my early 20s who is in very good shape but and am looking to take my athletic performance to another level. I am looking for someone’s help to help me construct a soccer-specific workout program (weight and cardio) as well as help me construct a nutrition program so I can get the most benefit from my performance.

Basically if someone is interested I can be their ‘project,’ so to speak. I will take full accountibility for your help by continuously updating you with emails, etc. If someone is interested in putting their knowledge to good use and providing assistance, please PRIVATE message me.

I’m looking for someone who has experience doing this and knows their stuff. If you Private message me, I will respond with my goals and also more detailed information about me (height, weight, etc).

I really would appreciate someone’s help with this. There are a lot of knowledgeable and kind people on this site, so hopefully there will be some takers.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Thanks to those who replied already. If anyone else is interested, please PM me.


has anybody offered any help?
My son is a soccer player and I’m very interested in where this goes.
I hope this thread grows and that you keep us up to date on what you are doing and how it is working.

You might want to take a look at Mark Verstegen’s “Core Performance.” He and his staff trained the U.S. women’s soccer team prior to the Olympics.



I play soccer 2 times a week (outdoors on one day and indoor the other) and I would love to work in some soccer-related training, especially if there is a way to balance it out with my lifting/bodybuilding.

Any thoughts out there?

hmmm…have you already corresponded with Coach Davies? I hear he has a good regimine or ideas pertaining to soccer.

What are some of his ideas/theories? How can I reach Coach Davies?


If you want to reach Coach Davies, I’d suggest either going to his website, or posting a Topic entitled “Coach Davies Question”. He is a frequent contributer to this site, and has been quite generous in offering advice in the forums.


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