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Soccer Player / Workout

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the time they spend to help people on here - and I can honestly say I’ve learned alot.

I’m a 170 pounds. 6’0", 20 years old.

Basically I’m pretty much a amateur when it comes to the whole workout thing. So I apologize before hand.

I want to increase my strength throughout my whole body - but want an effective workout to do so. Im trying to figure out a good workout to increase my strength without losing my flexibility and endurance. I’d like to get a little bigger too, but mostly ripped.

I enjoy workouts with small weights and alot of reps - just trying to find out the best ones.



I’m a soccer player I pretty much do a full body routine all year round based around compound movements.

I do a lot of HIT, Speed and sharp turning drills on my non lifting days as well as stretching to maintain flexibility.