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Soccer Player 1st Cycle Plan


I'm 21 year old soccer player i am 5' 11½ height (143 pounds) .
I've decided to start a HGH/INSULIN/STEROID cycle (i already got some of the juice)
I am planning a cycle like this for maximum 2 months :

week1: HGH - 3times a week 2UI (morning before meal) , Insulin 2UI 2*day ED (before meal) + 500mg of metformin , 250 Omnadren , 50mg Nandrolone Decanoate , 1 pck of animal pak ED (morning after meal).

week2: HGH - 3times a week 3UI (morning before meal) , Insulin 2UI 2*day ED (before meal) + 1000mg of metformin , 250 Omnadren , 50mg Nandrolone Decanoate , 1 pck of animal pak ED , Cefasabal ED , 50 mg Clomid ED .

How do you think about a start like that ? Should i add a little of Dianabol first 10 days ? I don't wanna take a lot AAS , so i'm thinking to remove them from the 2nd month , remaining basically on HGH (till 4UI EOD) and Insulin+Metformin , sometimes taking clomid and for the last 10 days L-Thyroxin . I'm for a more safe of some kind cycle ))

I plan in these 2 months to have a training plan like this :
5 days a week - GYM Training , ED Running or Swimming , Soccer training ED

And a all in food diet ))

What gains should i expect ?
What can i add ?
Is this a safe enough cycle ?


Where on earth did you come up wth this cycle?

Why did you choose those compounds?

You have given no goals so how can anyone say if the cycle is good or not.

Although im going to say it's a terrible cycle.


Just let it go.. this is natural selection.. If we don't let the retarded die off then we are doing the whole world a dis-service.


You aren't going to take a lot of AAS because you want a "safe cycle", yet you're willing to shoot yourself with insulin? Google up hypoglycemic shock. You can drop dead in minutes from insulin misuse.

You don't need drugs dude, you weigh 143 pounds. You need to learn how to eat properly.


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Natural selection...


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  1. I'm eating properly till how much i can do it
  2. I'm training properly , sometimes i overtrain and have a continous fatigue .
  3. I'm well hidrated and and suplemented with non steroids

The Cycle :
I choose the minimal doses if u read it carefully , as i am 20 years old i have a good hormone level ,but this level doesn't help me on gains , so I'll ad a lil' bit of everything , i already consulted with a Endocrinologist , he said this is OK and , if u take no more than 4iu of insulin per day it can't mess because endogenous release in human are approximate 40iu daily , so it's impossible to get some problems if u eat well, and I'll have a sweet candy bar with me to keep it 100% safe )
HGH(Human Growth Hormone-Somatotropin) with Insulin haves a great synergy adding up the steroid it pumps u the synergy and the effects are expected great !


I think you are thinking to much.


Initial thoughts:

You DO NOT need or even warrant AAS. You are a small endurance athlete (which is often ideal for endurance athletes). You especially DO NOT need and SHOULD NOT use insulin. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to consider insulin in your first cycle, and especially with what little we know about you.

If you need to gain weight, f**king eat! You can add huge amounts of mass through diet, alone. Even WITH AAS, a lack of nutrients will inhibit your gains significantly, if not prevent you from gaining muscle at all. it is simple science.

Overtraining, as many brilliant coaches have said, is about a lack of recovery. Recovery consist primarily of rest and nutrient intake. SO, eating may actually help you with this.

OP, you need to:

  1. Sate your goals.
    We can't assume what your goals are here. Are you looking to add slabs of LBM? Are you looking to preform better at your sport (soccer)? Etc.

  2. Defend your use.
    You weigh at least 100lbs less than many of us who are familiar with AAS. What reason could you possibly have to use such substances at your age, your sport, your experience, and your weight?

  3. Give us some background.
    Do you even lift weights? Part of your defense will need to be a further explanation of your background. How long have you lifted? What kind of lifting/lifts do you do? What weights? etc.

EVEN with all of this, I cannot imagine my opinion will be anything but: YOU DO NOT NEED AAS, HGH, OR INSULIN. YOU NEED FOOD AND EXPERIENCE.


I agree with all of the above.

I understand sometimes it can get difficult when you seem like you are giving your training your all, and you get mediocre results. However, instead of adding something new into the system, you might want to revise your current training regimen.

You stated you are overtraining and getting minimal results, before you choose AAS, answer these questions:

Are you eating 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight? If not, then what are you doing considering adding AAS into your regimen?

Are you eating 4,000+ calories a day? If not, then what are you doing considering adding AAS into your regimen?

Are you getting 8-9 hours of quality (no television on in the background) rest each night? If not...well, I think you know where I am going with this.

Ensure that you are doing everything properly in your training regimen before adding AAS. AAS should be a last ditch resort, not a lazy substitute for subpar training methods.


Exactly what everyone said. I have a hard time believing an endo told you this is okay.

If so, he probably made and printed off his own license.lol

Thats barely enough androgens to get you above normal.

Way too low of a dose of deca. Plus is takes weeks for deca to kick in.

Omnadren not injected often enough.

For a first cycle, one compound (test) is best, yet some fucktard told you its a good idea to do this?

You are thinking about one month only of the steroids, rather than even the whole 2 months (8 weeks) although deca should be ran longer than 8 weeks...

The best outcome here is you miscalculate your insulin, and the average IQ in the world goes up a few points.


First of all thanks for consulting !

1-2.I need to get some LBM it's vital for me . Always from i remember me playing soccer from 7 years, my teammates where physically better ,i eat the same what they eat plus some extra supplements like : amino's , gainers , creatine , multi-vitamins ... but almost everybody weights more than me and it's more powerful and a lil' faster (this are genetics , now it's only one solution AAS & GH (Hypertrophy+Hyperplasia) will change that) ,i'm just much more technical than everyboby usually (but that's not enough , this is my only problem - muscles), so now it's the time to get to another level ,as summer i want to sign to a new club i need some 15 lbs to gain in these 2 months as now i'm not training with the team so i have more time for individual trainings ...

3.I've done GYM periodically because of soccer regimen , what i remember is i did get some strength but no significant weight , just some water retention from creatine , for 2 years having the same weight of 145 pounds ...
I was going to GYM 6 days a week : Legs times a week : Leg Press 550 pounds 10 reps4 sets (sometimes 1 leg press 200 pound) , Dumbbell lunges 70 pounds (total) 22reps*4sets , squats 70 pounds 10reps*3sets(not risking with my back) , leg extension 200 pounds 10 reps * sets , low back extensions 20 reps *3sets , abdominals 90 pounds 15 reps3sets (everyday) , next day : Chest , hands 2times a week : Bench press 90 pounds*8reps*4 sets , incline 65 pounds 8reps*2sets , biceps dumbbell curls 20 pounds 22reps*3sets , triceps at machine 12 reps 3sets.... 2 other days ,i've done with less weights ... Prior to every training 15 minutes running and stretching ...


There are some day's in month when i get too lazy i admit , and i'm not eatting normally , but usually i do eat fruits and also vegetables and i'm intaking my daily calories and proteins , and yes sure i like to sleep i know it's important !


So what point 3 is saying is that you are retarded and have no idea how to train for size?

Squats with 70lbs? Really?
22 rep sets?
I assume this was your program the whole time? No variation?


Hey you BigSkwatta , you're IQ really amaze out here , ur just fantastic , I've really travel The World a lot and forum a lil' bit in my life , but no way , i didn't met a person with such low intelligence like u ! Really , nice to meet you King of Retardism "BigSkwatta" !

And still consciously i know that u don't understand nothing what's written out here , Perriodically - I am a professional soccer player , so basically with soccer , that means that i do a lot of Soccer training , so i just can't give out everything in The Gym , so 6-8 weeks per 3 months i'm going to Gym and give my best !
The squats - read it (if u'r able surely) IN THE BRACKETS - not risking with my back - explain u (u'r special ,we know already) : I don't wanna hurt my spine !

22 reps : it goes 1time right hand , 1 time left hand , 1time right hand , 1 time left hand ,etc...

I hope it does arrive some idea to your head , if there's something in it u should understand normally :slight_smile:

And don't advice me please !


What would u say guys about that ? :




Everytime I log on I see people wanting to mix 5 different drugs. This is your first time and even if it wasn't, you don't need all this crap. Half gram of T. Thats it! Nothing else or nothing more. Go get some cypionate and start there. One shot a week. Throw everything else out. After you do that a few times add one, I'll say this again, add one other compound (this doesnt count for post cycle therapy) to your cycle and see how you respond and how your gains are. Don't do anything else. Steroids are not overly dangerous if your not an idiot. Unfortunaetly, there are a lot of dumb peole who do dumb stuff. I'm thinking you may fall in that category with what you have posted. Not trying to slam you nor am I a long time poster. I do have a background in the military and healthcare professions. You need to be smarter about what your thinking about doing. Eat, train, come back when your at least 25.



My brother works in the strength and conditioning field with many different athletes, and he would tell you your training is retarded. I am transitioning to that field myself and I am telling you your weight training is terrible. It wouldn't make a sedentary beginner grow, much less an endurance athlete gain weight. Sometimes the thing you don't want to hear is the truth and you need to suck it up, be a man, and take it.

Your soccer training might be fantastic. But your weight training sucks ass.

If you are a professional athlete, find a strength and conditioning professional in your country and work with them to get bigger and stronger.


Here is a nice little poem i like to go by called "the squat" but i forget the author.

Down this road, in a gym far away,
A young man was heard to say,
" No matter what i do, my legs wont grow."
He tried leg extensions, leg curls, and leg presses, too.
trying to cheat, these sissy squats he'd do.
From the corner of the gym where the big men train,
Trough a cloud of chalk and the midst of pain,
Where the noise is made with big forty-fives,
A deep voice bellowed as he wrapped his knees.
A very big man with legs like trees.
Laughing as he snatched another plate from the stack,
Chalking his hands and in a monstrous bark,
Said, " Boy, stop lying and don't say you've forgotten,
The trouble is you AIN'T BEEN

Im not trying to be rude but you should defiantly be able to put on 15 pound easily if this is all the weight you can lift, and you don't need gear to do it. All you need is a good program. It may take you a few weeks longer but why play your ace card now?