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Soccer Kicks & Head Stomps; Miss 'em?


Could we still even call it Mixed Martial Arts without them?


Mma was way better when hoyce gracie, bass rutten, frank not ken shamrock, tank abbot and the like ruled the day for sure.


If it's going to remain a sport, it's best that they've gone away. Love the old Pride, though.

But anyone watching can see where kicks/stomps to a downed opponent can be applied. No reason to cut some athlete's life short to execute such an obvious finish.


Sure,you can make the argument for headstomps but soccer kicks are justifiable when the fights stalls. I hate it when a fighter is on the ground and he jsut lays there and waiting for the other one to get down with him. its stupid and ruins any kind of flow of the fight. Atleast with kicks to the ground,your trying to get the other guy to stand up with you. UFC fucking sucks because of this.




I think if you are going to fight MMA you have to expect to, at some point, get hit in the head, hard. It's not as if these guys won't get hit in the head anyway.