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Soccer: Flip Throw-In


Has anyone ever seen (or done it themselves) someone playing soccer do a flip throw-in. If done right, it will go forever.

Any ideas on how to train to get longer distance, or even how to get the technique down?


This is the way I did it, not that I was ever trained, but I could throw the ball from the sidelines across the width of the field in my day. Most important on the set up is your grip on the ball, you want the spacing to be closer than a normal throw in so you'll be able to support your body during the handspring, a few inches between your thumbs at most. After that it's simply a matter of going for it and doing the handspring and completing the throw. Don't hesitate once you begin to go.

It will help to practice without a ball first. Don't use more that four or five steps for your run up, but you'll want to get some speed up and you'll want reps using the same amount of steps each time kind of like a placekicker. Also you'll have to practice with different release points to find one that gives you the most distance.


I'm defeneatly no expert but here`s my input.

ive seen couple of guys do it and they didnt throw any further than everyone else.

even if they would, it would be more important to throw the ball to the right person than just to throw it really long way and not see where it`s going.


Thanks for the input. As for the distance being the same: In the games that I've seen it done (are rival does it very good) and it is a dangerous and useful weapon. If they are far enough down field, it is just as bad as giving them a corner kick.

I've got the hand-spring down without the ball pretty good. Now I just have to get the balls to do it with a ball in my hands!


If done right it will go aways farther from the momentum, and if you practise you will get it to the right person. That's like saying if you throw it shorter you'll get it to the right person when you throw the baseball but if you throw it farther it won't go in the right place. Well if you practise you can. I have been playing baseball for awhile now (right field and center) and I can throw it home with only one bounce or less.


Are you guys talking about a throw in where you do like a front flip and release?

Btw bullshit you can throw a ball the width of a soccer pitch. I mean I can throw an american football the length of a football field too.


The width jackass, from corner to corner, not length.


Agreed. I played with a guy who was so good at it that it became just as dangerous as a corner kick.