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Soccer: Can Someone Explain?


Why do people find this sport exciting? A majority of the time the games end in 0-0 or 1-1 ties. There are barely ever scoring chances. Luck plays a massive role in who gets the ball when.

Also, 50% of goals are scored on set pieces. Set pieces that players proceed to dive for every time they're barely touched.

The field is huge. So huge, in fact, that it is impossible to bring the ball from one end to the other without it switching possession or without lots of luck.

They spend at least 3/4 of the game playing "passing triangle" in mid field.

Fucking WORLD CUP games look EXACTLY like 12 year olds playing. No different. They kick the ball across the field, it bounces around, and then it goes the other way. This continues until someone gets a lucky break and has a one on one with a goalie, or until someone falls on their butt to draw a yellow card.

Can someone explain this to me? How to people think this shit is exciting to watch?


When there is a goal, that makes the excitment that more intense. Opposed to watching American football when theres many many points scored over the game.

Luck also does not play a massive role in who gets the ball, wtf? Maybe with really shitty non-professional teams. Have you ever watched the Champion's League? Or brazil/portugal /argentina games? (Those teams are the only ones who are showing top professional quality in the entire world cup at the moment)

Thats a nice statistic that you totally pulled out of your ass. The players diving is a point, and it's something I hate.

It's 100 yards. It's not that big. Also, thats why passing the ball is important (to keep possession), teams that just boot it down the other end and hope for the best are of shit quality... Very good teams can accurately pass it long distances to their team mates.

Again, your usage of luck shows you barely watch football and it only relates to crappy teams.

It's like a chess game, you keep passing it around making moves hoping for an opportunity to open up.

With professional teams, they spend hours and hours practicing their strategies, and that is why chances rarely open up against good sides. E.g. the portugal/brazil game was 0-0 because their movement/defense/passing was rock solid.

This just shows you watch with a passing interest, have your own thoughts already made up and can't look past goals being scored.

Some teams looked like non-professional nobodies off the street (i.e - algeria, england (against algeria), north korea), but again, the teams with top professional quality that I mentioned above, noticeably show their skill.

When you watch a team that you truly want to win in a big game (all the world cup games are big, thats why everyone watches it), then you will find excitement, and when your team scores, then it really is a rush.

I'm sorry football doesn't spoil you with a constant stream of activity/points scored like american football (which could be considered more boring, because you get so used to it).


soccer in general is boring. The World Cup is amazing though.


REALLY?!?!? This looks EXACTLY like 12 year olds playing:

(Sorry about my obvious Barcelona bias but it's the only team I follow enough to remember specific goals)


OP, let me guess. You suck at soccer, don't you? If you don't find it exciting, then don't watch it. Goddamn Americans can't enjoy anything that they aren't good at. And yes, this is an ignorant comment but its just as ignorant as your whole post.


Stop calling it football, its soccer. Hence the name of the thread. Football is : huge roided up American monsters trying to kill each other.

Oooooooooooh its like a chess match you say ? I'll stick to watching real chess instead.


OP I Don't Get It Either.


Change the channel.



OP, maybe start a thread called Remote Control: Can Someone Explain?


I got to admit, with all of the sports media going nuts over the world cup i'm alittle confused as to what's so great about it. I'm not one that follows soccer but to me it seems like a less physical/slower paced hockey game.

I'm definatly ready for american football to start up, Ravens are looking to be pretty good this year. I hope Mcclain gets the ball alittle more, he's a beast of a fullback.


What soccer needs is a smaller field and goals, 5 vs 5 plus the goalie, and play on ice with a puck, a hockey stick and iceskates


Space, lots of friends, ball.
That is all you need. So poor or rich people an countries can play an compete without much money.

If you played it as a child chances are you will grow to like it as an adult. That goes for most sports.

However I grew up in Brooklyn NY so I don't enjoy watching it. Unless it's women soccer or booze is involved. Add booze and I'll watch almost anything in a bar.


Most of THE WORLD (USA does not = world) knows it as football, since you know... you use your FOOT to kick a BALL.

Foot + ball = football.

Difficult I know.


I understand people who find soccer boring, because I can understand people having the mindset of a four-year old that constantly needs to see something exciting. I can't understand people who find soccer boring but praise American Football.


Soccer is not just about the particular moments in which goals are scored; it's about the PLAY. It's all about keeping possession and finding space. Except for the last 10 minutes or so of the Spain-Chile game, I haven't seen any time spent 'playing "passing triangle" in mid field.'

It's very hard for any player to hold the ball when challenged by more than one guy (and sometimes even against one guy), so passing is a must. The good teams (I would include Spain and Holland in this, and even England in their Slovenia game) will keep possession through passes, while working their way up the field, trying to find holes in their enemy's defences, and thus create opportunities.

This is often a highly skilful display, and carries with it a sense of mounting pressure - NOT boring to watch for those who have any grasp of what they're watching. In some games, this does get broken up a lot and the ball can bounce around meaninglessly a fair bit, but it doesn't happen so much to the best teams.

Goals are so hard to score that when they are scored, there's a sense of the play threading it's way through an opposing necessity - failure is impending from every angle, and players have to be able to make absolutely everything work in just the right way at just the right moment.

This gives most soccer goals a beauty and a thrill that most plays in other sports lack. In hockey, for example, you'll see more goals, but generally fewer of them will be real beauties. The bottom line is that in every sport, you sit around for a couple of hours hoping to catch just a few moments of true brilliance.

In that regard, soccer delivers just as much as most other sports (although personnally, I am partial to hockey); people who find the rest of the play boring just don't understand what they're watching (and the same charge of boredom could be more easily brought against baseball and football, in which there is literally nothing going on most of the time).


its because you didn't grow up on it. you grew up on baseball and hockey and American football which are much slower sports than soccer. part of the joy in soccer is being able to see the opportunities that sends a huge adrenaline rush.

people who say football is less exciting than baseball ie. some american? Well then you can tell its a cultural thing...


I agree with most of the things other posters have said...first of all for me it is very exciting to watch my country play against others and I am literally on the edge of my seat.

BASEBALL is the most boring fucking sport in the world...am I making a thread about it? No..and it's played year fucking long.

You know what's even MORE BORING...

GOLF - it's the dumbbest shit in my eyes. I only like mini-putt.

So please..the world cup is once every 4 years and it's only 4 weeks long...do you really need to cry about it?

Everyone has different tastes man...this event is one of the biggest in the world...YOU AMERICAN don't understand it...but the rest of the world does. So...no one cares.


Hockey isn't slower, but I agree with you in principle.


Soccer's boring as hell to watch. Its highlight reel footage is entertaining, but then again, highlight reel footage of any sport is pretty damn good. But yeah, baseball, football, and basketball are all pretty boring to watch as well.


Actually it is football.