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Soccer and ....

What exactly can you eat and drink before or during a workout or competition?

Paul, do a search on “post workout nutrition” (without the quotes, of course), or even search for just “PWO.”

My recommendation on extended anerobic exercise (like soccer) is to take in a serving of Surge, either half during and half after or upon completion.

I would consider soccer an aerobic sport. I’d still recommend Surge or a similar carbohydrate recovery drink.

Machine, you might be right. Explain that one to me.

Please? (grin)

I consider soccer a socialist sport.

It really depends. Are you talking immediately before, to give you energy? Or the last solid meal prior to workouts? More details would help people advise you on this topic

Since it is an extended aerobic exercise sport, a solid carb drink would do you good, i.e. Gatorade or Powerade. That and lots of water. Immediately after, take a serving of surge or protein.

You do not want to eat or drink anything immediately before a game. You can sip on some Gateraid at halftime if you need to, but if you are in good condition you should not have to. The energy from soccer is dependent upon the position you play. Halfbacks are going to be more aerobic and defenders will be more anaerobic in their energy system demands (i.e. primary energy pathways utilized). Complex carbs. an hour and a half to two hours before a game with some added protein should be sufficient. The exact ratios will depend on the rest of your dietary set up. A sport like soccer, which consists of mostly walking and some sprinting, should be treated like an anaerobic sport in nature. I agree with Tuesday: the more info you can provide the better response you will get.

Complex carbs before a game…

You should need Gatorade if you’re in shape…

Damn, could you throw a few more long dispelled myths in there next time?

DocT: The above has worked for me. What would you recommend a soccer player eat before and after a game? And why?

Complex carbs an hour or so before soccer would not be a good idea, for that matter anything that will sit in your stomach and weigh you down wouldn’t be a good idea. I’d sip small amounts of Surge during the game or something similar.

I guess you could argue that soccer is more of a mixed aerobic and anaerobic sport since it does consist of mostly sprinting and walking or light jogging. However, the fact that you play for up to 90 minutes in a game means it is aerobic. Players are certainly not going 100% for 90 minutes straight. It would be interesting to see some average ratios of sprint to walking or sprint to light jogging for each position.

Machine, thanks for the 'splanation! (DHolt, too!) Makes sense.