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Soccer and Losing Muscle

I have been lifting hard for the last couple years. and i am happy with how i am muscle wise however i am now playing soccer and i will be running alot and i wont be able to get those long hard work outs in any more, i am afraid that beucase of soccer im gona lose muscle…will this happen?

The short answer to your question is yes. You will most likely lose some mass if you begin the type of training serious soccer players do.

However you didn’t say how much mass you’ve built. What’s your weight, height and %bf? What were they before you started lifting?

And most importantly how much soccer are you playing and at what level? There’s a big difference between an elite player who trains 2+ hours a day six days per week and a recreational player who has a game on the weekend and doesn’t practice.

Please, give us more info.

Dear bean:

You are going to lose muscle. Oh boy are you ever going to lose muscle! Ffft…gone!

Do you want to know how to keep it?

Eat more, specially protein and get on some creatine…

Search around on Joe DeFranco’s website. He has an in-season lifting program for football players. You may have to adjust it to fit your needs, but I think it involves 2 sessions a week.


Everything is relative. You will more than likly lose mass and strength, but you skills will be better. You can only play competive sports for so long, but you can lift the rest of your life. If you are burining more calories, eat more, get more rest and Lift 2x’s a week , using compound movements (SQ, DL, OHP, oly. lifts).
Just dont try to do too much, and enjoy yourself.