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Soccer, a Real Man's Sport



At first i thought it was the most fake dive ever. but apparently he was in the throws of death and the strange movements were from the fact that the messages in his brain were all f**cked up by the blow to the head.

sorry if its been posted befor.


He didn't die though. He was fine the next day.



that man is dead. I can't remember the details but I know he broke his neck in the first fall and the rest of it was his nervous system going haywire.


How does this make it a real man's sport... All that happened was he took a kick that broke his neck.

You have about the same chance of falling on the ground and busting your skull.


I'm sure you could slit someone's throat throwing a frisbee. Does that make that a real man's sport?

You could break a man's foot dropping a bowling ball on it. Does that make that a real man's sport?

Ugh. I hate it when people try to beef up soccer.


I find that the people who make fun of it have never played it.



Oh wait, I played it for six years. It was boring as fuck.


This shit again... what makes soccer not a real man's sport? Different people like playing different sports, what's the point of arguing over which one's toughest or hardest?


And then it boils down to you not being competent enough to understand and appreciate the game. It's okay, I'm not great at playing with barbies... I quit.


I don't know where you played it, but it wasn't in my region or it was bee hive soccer.

Boring or not is a different question.

The injury rate for soccer is pretty high (much higher than sports like basketball or baseball). The physical taxation is tremendous.

I get tired of "football players" calling it a pussy sport. Yeah, a pro soccer player wouldn't make it in the NFL, but that goes both ways.

Maybe you didn't play on a competitive team, but it wasn't a season for me if I didn't give somebody stitches.

People make fun of the pros that roll around on the ground when they get fouled, but the truth is, that's the only time in the game they get to rest.

I don't watch it now that I don't play, but its a damn hard sport to play, exciting or not.

Go watch the episode of Pros vs joes with alexi lalas. The part where the Joes have to go up for headers on a cross against him. If I remember none of the Joes ever touched the ball because they all shyed away from it and got knocked around by a guy 50 pounds lighter than them.

Soccer gets a bad rap from an athletic/toughness standpoint.


It's like running a marathon with a ball, how is that a mans sport?

EDIT: I know running a marathon is no easy feat, but I find running boring as fuck and don't exactly aspire to be a marathon runner AKA skinny and weak.


What sport do you play?


Why the fuck are you asking ME this? I'm not the one who made the thread. As far as I'm concerned, all sports have different skills, intensities, and physical boundries and all require their own individualization.

The title of the thread insinuates that everyone else treats it as a "non-man's sport." Not only that, but the OP was also suggesting that you need to catch a kick in the in the face for something to be "man-worthy."

It's called a "counter-point," people. I will not address anyone else's pissant insecurities on here from here on out.


You replied faster than I could edit...anyway I used to wrestle, play lacrosse and football, now I just lift.


Fair enough. If you see my post above, my intention was NOT to berate or belittle soccer, the sport, or its players. Again, the thread title was stupid and it got me shook.


haha chill dude, i wasn't asking you directly, you were just the last person to post and i hit "quote". seems that we agree on the stupidity of threads like these. i get sick of a "(insert sport or activity) is tougher than whatever you do" thread every week.


So settle the debate. Generally, often enough, more than likely, if you suck at a sport or don't play it, people tend to bring that sport down. end of discussion.


WTF! That is crazy. But football is still a girlie sport.

Brian Lima Knocking himself out:

Brian Lima "Car Accident"


"Soccer is gay" arguments aside, did that guy in the video actually die?

I mean, being fatally kicked in the head would be a shitty way to die, but that flailing dance thing he pulled off was damned impressive, involuntary nerve-related or not. It was like a reverse "knees up" football drill, a majestic reverse swan dive and finally a dramatic "why God, why?!" pose a la Willem Defoe in Platoon.


I used to practice with the wrestling team and that was the only thing I ever did that I think was harder than swimming or soccer.

Yeah, football is really intense, for the entire 15 minutes of actual play time a player gets.

There is a lot of contact in soccer though. like in the OP's video, yeah that was some random stuff with the guy getting messed up, but that kind of play is normal. It's normal to get kicked, stomped, hip checked est. in soccer.

Calling it a marathon with a ball is like calling wrestling cuddling in tights. stripping down to almost nothing and trying to pin another guy on his back underneath you doesn't sound like a manly sport either.

It's just one of those things you have to understand before you can appreciate it.