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SoCalifornia's Strongest Man on March 7th

SoCalifornia’s Strongest Man
Coming to Huntington Beach, CA on Saturday, March 7th 2009 @10am
(On the beach across from the Hilton at 21100 PCH at Huntington Street)

Events include:
The Truck Pull
The Giant Tire Flip
The Overhead Press Medley
The Farmer’s Carry
The Atlas Stones

4 Divisions include :
Lightweight Men (under 231 lbs) Heavyweight Men (over 231 lbs)
Lightweight Teen (under 185 lbs)
Heavyweight Teen (over 185 lbs)

For More Information go to www.EastWestStrength.com

The contest weights

Open class:

Overhead Medley (Log, axle, barbell, keg) all implements roughly 230-250 for LW and 260-280 for HWs (60 secs)
Farmer’s Walk (2 inch handles) 200 ft with one turn and one drop allowed 225 for LW and 250 for HW (60 secs)
Tire flip 80 ft. (60 secs) LW 650, HW 800
Harness Pull (80 ft)
Atlas stones 5 stone series (LW 240, 275, 300, 320, 350) and (HW 275, 300, 320, 350, 380) 48 inch platform

Teens Weights

Overhead Medley - for the LW teens 180-200 for all implements and for HW teens 200-225. Log-Axle-Barbell-Keg (in any order) may even throw a kettlebell in there.
FW - LW teen 180 each hand and HW teen 200 each hand
Tire - for the LW teen about 500-550 lbs and for the HW teen - 600-650ish
Truck pull - Heavy
Stones - 180/240/275/300/320 probably for both groups. Maybe lighter for the LW teens. We’ll see what we have come show time


There will be a Training Day for competitors to try the implements for the show - on saturday February 14th between 10am and 2pm.

For athletes new to the sport, there will be help to get competitors familiar with the events and technique. Please email to RSVP: scott@eastweststrength.com

Many applications are in already and a ton of commitments. As stated on the application, the number of competitors will be capped at 40 total.

A competitor list will be posted on February 15th on the contest page at www.eastweststrength.com . First event (Overhead Medley) will be in the reverse order of applications received.

The address for the Training Day will be at -

American Gym
1638 Placentia Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Contest Extras
There will be a few kid events as well with prizes for all that try - fun for the whole family.

BENCH PRESS your bodyweight for reps and

STRICT CURL 1/2 body weight for reps as well. $5 entry per event and the winner will receive a cash prize

Updates: Hotel room rates secured at the Sun n Sands right next to Main St. on the Pier. Call to reserve 714-536-2543. Reference “Strongman Event”. contact is Carrie. $99/night for 1 bed, $119/night for 2 queens. You can also stay at the Best Western right next door to the Sun n Sands - contact there is Melissa at 714-536-7500. $125.99/night for 1 King or $161.99/night for 2 queens. And if you want to spoil yourself - right across the street from the contest venue is the Hilton Waterfront at 714-845-8000 and the Hyatt Regency Resort at 714-698-1234. I do not have special rates for these hotels.

Sports Therapist
Performance Chiropractic coming out to provide free sports therapy, chiropractic and ART services to the competitors during the contest. If any of the events break you, they will put you back together.

Massage Therapist
There will also be a massage therapist working the show

THE AFTER PARTY The after party for the contest will be at Sharkeez in Surf City - Huntington Beach on Main Street. http://www.sharkeez.net/ht/home . 2 for 1 drinks for all strongman competitors and contest crew. There will also be a bunch of free appetizers and an area reserved for our group.
So now you have a venue right where they host the X-Games right next to the beach in the Famous Huntington Beach at the site of the 2007 World’s Strongest Man Finals right next to the boardwalk, a block of rooms reserved right next to the Pier and Main street and an after party at the most famous restuarant/bar in Orange County. There is no better place in the entire country for a strongman contest. For more information and the contest application go to www.eastweststrength.com/contests.asp

Below is the first batch of competitors in the order of apps received. The first event will be in reverse order of competitors listed.

For More Details (Competitor Profiles and updates on the competitor list) go to: http://www.eastweststrength.com/contests.asp

Lightweight Open
Sean Demarinis
Tom Yannuzzi
David Ramierez
Chris Carroll
Eric Wilson
Erik Blekeberg
Donnie Rhodes
Erik Herrera
Jon Eklund
Tim Silva
Ty Roberts

Heavyweight Open:
Beau Gertz
Rusty Kier
Erik Peterson
Jeffrey Holder
Ronnie Castro
Dan Harrison
Barry Perkins
David Corcoran
Darvez Ballew
Patrick Ward
Charles Stumpf
Carl Cassell
Matt Stifel
Brady Jones
John VanDemark
Arnell Casteel

Heavyweight Teen:
Marcus Saanadan
Guerrero Lopez

Any unpaid entries received after today must have the late fee attached. You may pay the $75 entry fee at the contest if their are still spots available. Thanks to everyone who sent the entry in on time with their information enclosed. The contest shirts are now being printed. I will have a good amount of extras available for sale if you want soveniers for family, friends and training partners. We will be in a high traffic area all day so if you guys want extra contest t-shirts, make sure that you see me before the show so you guys can get first dibs before the audience.

NAS memberships will be available at the show and are $40 for open men competitors and $20 for teens.

I still have a handful of guys that have not sent in their applications but said they were definitely coming. As I said before, we are capping the show at 40. Good luck to everyone. 2 weeks to go…