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socal t-nation?

i’m relatively new to posting (not sure if i’m doing something wrong while posting a reply) but anyway, is there anyone here from southern california that would like to meet up? specifically san diego? just wanna meet some cool people that enjoy lifting for their health, life, whatever motives you have. when i say san diego, i’m leaning towards the mm… north county area including scripps, mira mesa, la jolla, rancho bernardo, et. al. it’d be cool to have a meet just to meet people of all ages who enjoy what we do! :slight_smile:

good livin’, good liftin’


I am in San Diego. I would be great to meet other t-folk.

I’m a native San Diegan. It isn’t easy finding HARDCORE people in San Diego so it is nice to see some T-mag posters live in these parts. I’m soon going to be training in the miramar area. Hit me up.