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SOB Training with Supersets


On CW's SOB article, it says "you must perform the exercises in order". I've done his other programs where supersetting is the norm, such as on ABBH.

So.... say for example I will do 10x3 bench and 10x3 dips for 1 workout, where 75s rest between sets is prescribed. If I understand correctly, I complete 10x3 bench completely before moving to dips with 75s rest.

I would like to stick with his protocols as he knows more than I do obviously, but will it make a significant different at all, if I instead superset bench and dips? I guess I would lower the rest times between sets to compensate.

This modification is just merely for convenience... I don't want to spend a long time working out, supersetting is a great way for me to cut down the time. However, if it does make a significant impact, I would of course follow the original protocols, which is why I'm asking.


I'm on day 9 of SOB and these workouts do take more time than I'm use to spending in the gym. When Chad Waterbury says, "you should perform all movements in the prescribed order", that's what I do. Knowing why won't likely help me get any bigger. I'm still interested in the answer though.


I'm with you here. Listening to the experts is good advice in any aspect of life.

I've personally found the "hypertrophy" days where you use more load and less reps are the problamatic ones that take quite a long time. 10x3, 75s rest with 4 exercises, and adding in the loading/unloading weights and all that stuff, sometimes the workout can take nearly an hour or over which seems counterproductive, as I've read that working out for more than 45 mins or so is, to put it short, not optimal (something to do with cortisol if I recall).

The other days where there's more reps and less load are actually quite fast, like 30 mins, as there's not that many sets.

Meh, still, if its possible, I would prefer to use supersets.


By set 8, my patience flags, and I've been cutting down the rest. Intuition tells me if I can take shorter rests, then I should be upping the weight.